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Get Started in Jam Making Bundle

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Get Started in Jam Making Bundle

Transform your favourite fruits into delicious jams with our Get Started in Jam Making Bundle!

The bundle includes all the essentials for creating your own jams at home, whether you’re rediscovering a favourite hobby or learning about jam making for the first time. You’ll have the tools you need, with KitchenCraft Home Made Stainless Steel Jam Funnel and Kitchencraft Home Made Reusable Straining Bag.

The funnel makes it easier than ever to pour your mixtures with no mess. This large capacity stainless steel funnel with a robust handle ensures easy and clean preserving. The straining bag is 100% polyester and washable, and it is 30cm.

You can also use the KitchenCraft Home Made Cooking Thermometer to ensure the right temperature. An easy-to-read thermometer, you'll be able to manage heat variances between 50°C and 200°C. Use the pan clip to attach the thermometer to the edge of your pan or to store it away quickly and easily.

The Silver Spoon Jam Sugar included is a great way to add just the right amount of natural pectin that certain fruits lack. It helps ensure the jam or jelly sets quickly and retains its flavour.

Finally, there’s a set of 12 Clear Hexagonal Glass Jars, perfect for storing your finished jams! You can hand them out to friends and family to give everyone a taste or stock up yourself.

Get Started in Jam Making Bundle

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