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Get Started in Pouring Art Bundle

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Get Started in Pouring Art Bundle

Let your creativity run free with this Get Started in Pouring Art Bundle! You’ll have everything you need to transform the acrylic paints you have into pouring paints that create spectacular works of art.

The bundle includes 100ml of Pebeo Pouring Medium. The glossy, transparent fluid medium is ideal for clean and lacquered pouring techniques. Non-yellowing, this medium creates amazing effects when mixed with acrylic. It will allow your paint to pour smoothly onto the surface of your canvas with even, seamless application.

Use the set of four Pouring Cups to apply your combined paint and pouring medium to your canvas. Each one holds 300ml. You can also use the Liquid Art Panel, also included, as the painting surface. It is 12 x 12 inches, with a 3.8cm thickness. The frame will help to ensure that the peak can be easily poured onto the surface, without leaking or dripping over the edge.

Finally, there is also Pebeo Silicone Oil, helping you create beautiful cell effects when dropped onto your fluid art. It can be added to acrylic colours and pouring mediums. You will only need a minimal amount to create the effect of cells, but you can adjust the amount to obtain the desired look. There is a pipette stopper included to make application easier and more controlled.

There are no acrylic paints included but combine your pouring medium with favourite colours from your collection to start making.

Get Started in Pouring Art Bundle

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