Get Started In Decoupage

Transform home decor pieces and create unique gifts with decoupage! The fantastic craft technique is perfect for any skill level, and you can choose from a vast range of patterned papers to personalise every design. Layer the sheets over mache and more to bring your projects to life.

Tool Guide

You can craft stunning decoupage designs with only a few essentials!

How to Decoupage

In a few simple steps, use decoupage paper on a mache base to create a perosonalised decoration for your home.

1. Tear up your chosen decoupage papers into ½ inch pieces. It is best to tear instead of cut with scissors as it creates a softer line and therefore a more blended finished piece.
2. Use the Decopatch glue with the Decopatch brushes to paint a layer of glue onto the mache base. Then place down a piece of prepared decoupage paper and add another layer of Decopatch glue over the top.
3. Repeat, layering each piece of decoupage paper over the edge of the last to create a seamless covering.