Must Have Products For Any Machinist

A fantastic check list to get you started on your sewing machine journey with a few hints and tips along the way.

Sewing Machine Needles

Back to basics - broken needles are of no assistance. Always keep a collection of spare needles to replace your sewing machine's mishap. Inexpensive but a real life saver, this universal pack includes five needles in a variety of sizes that are ideal for stitching all weights of fabrics. Follow your sewing machine guide for replacing and changing the needles to ensure your textile experience can keep up with all your creative-inspired projects!


You've got your sewing machine and you've got your must-have supplies. Ensure you have the perfect storage solution to keep your new purchases together and organised. This sewlutions storage system is a well-designed box featuring a large capacity with divided compartments and a life out tray.

The system is ideal for holding all your threads with the pull-out spool holder and can keep all your pins, needles, scissors, tape measure, chalk and other tools in one place that’s easy to hand and tidy. Put a spring in your stitch from the onset with this handy little storage solution for all your sewing essentials!

Fabric Scissors

Simple but invaluable. A good, sharp set of Dress Making Scissors will kit you up for all your textile ideas and inspirations. Scissors like these feature different sized handles for improved leverage which are slightly bent upwards to keep fabric flat when cutting.

These scissors will effortlessly cut through most fabrics including denim and polyester for the perfect piece to your latest sewing creation. The long blades ensure an accurately straight line for a smooth clean cut but of course fabric doesn't always have to be straight. Use your scissors to cut shapes, patterns and embellishments ready to construct together to make your own stunning handmade work of art.

Guttermann Sew-all Thread

The name says it all. This premium quality collection of 'no fabrics too tough' thread is designed to handle all demands and has the best part of 300 colours to choose from. The 100% polyester thread has a pure silk-like feeling and impression but the strongest structure that will not split when threading and creates a lasting, durable stitch.

Stock up on all your basics colours such as black, navy, white and experiment with some of the more vibrant shades for a colourful addition to your sewing creations. Pillows, hand bags, bunting, cuddly toys, accessories or a brand new party frock, this thread will bring all your inspirational designs together.

A Sewing Machine

Take your first step into the wonderful world of machine sewing with the Brother LS14 Sewing Machine; the perfect machine for beginners. Designed with first starters in mind, this machine will guide you through everything you need to know with it's simple to use functions and helpful instructional DVD.

From the get-go you can quickly and easily set the machine up ready to get experimenting! A hassle free drop-in bobbin, 14 stitch dial and a four-step buttonhole will allow you to discover all the basic stitching functions that you need to know. Once you've mastered your brand new crafting friend, you can move onto the other functions that machine features such as a freearm sewing system to help with tricky, difficult to reach shapes.

The LS14 will ensure a smooth running solution for basic clothing making, alterations and household repairs, soon becoming an invaluable addition to your home!

Fabric Pieces

An extensive range of fabric will soon become a guilty pleasure when you've completed your first few sewing projects. An ideal way of collating a variety of designs in handy measurements is fat quarter fabric bundles. This Hobbycraft Iris Craft Pack includes six pieces of fabric which are essentially each a quarter of a metre of material measuring 45 x 55 cm per fat quarter.

These fabric pieces offer a beautiful view of the pattern and can be used to cut large chunks out for your projects. The wonderful array of fabrics in the bundles will look fantastic together or mixed with other patterns you may have. Whether you are working on a pillow, cushion, bag, blanket or even the latest edition to the family of cuddly toys, a bundle of fat quarters will supply you with the inspiration you need for all your patchwork and sewing projects.

Starter Kit

Packs in all the essentials and even comes in a handy travelling bag, this fantastic sewing kit has everything you need to start off in sewing! Inside the purple plastic case you will find a set of assorted needles and spools of thread to kick-start your sewing ventures and a set of tools including scissors, tape measure, stitch ripper, thimble and a pin cushion. The compact and valuable case also contains a set of buttons, pins and safety pins to help you along the way.

Not only does this pack set you up for the wonderful world of sewing but it can also be taken along with you on your travels measuring at an adorable height of just 13 cm – cute and convenient.

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