How to Organise and Store Your Knitting and Sewing

Keep all your necessities intact and in one place for easy storage, tidier workstation and for all on the move projects.

Large Sewing Boxes

The perfect companion to house your ever-growing sewing collection. Passionate sewers fear no more – control your mysterious expansion in needles, threads, buttons and tools with one of our seven beautifully designed Large Sewing Boxes. Each delightfully vibrant box features a plastic compartment tray that pulls out to reveal the deep space inside for all your larger, bulkier items such as cotton reels, scissors and even a few of your fat quarter fabric bundles. The lid includes a convenient built-in pin cushion and a pocket for any loose items, all of which can be shut tight using the button strap and easily moved with the sturdy handle!

Medium Sewing Boxes

An ideal place to start for all beginners collating their sewing essentials as they learn and develop their skills. The Medium Size Boxes are exactly the same as the larger boxes, just slightly smaller in size. The handy plastic compartment tray and built-in in lid features ensure maximum storage opportunities for your growing collection. The range includes nine designs for you to choose from, all of which will provide you with a little creative shine when you go to make your next project!

Small Sewing Boxes

Perfectly suited as a storage solution for your sewing essentials. Needles, thread and tools, this mini box is ideal for keeping your must-have's near to you at home or on your travels. Again, the box features a plastic compartment tray, pin cushion and pocket so keep all your little bits and bobs organised. The collection features five designs to suit your personal style wonderfully!

Craft Bags

Keep all your knitting and crochet tools together and transportable with these wonderfully stylish Craft Bags. With nine designs to choose from, each bag will inspire with their beautifully bright and bold patterns! These bags are perfect for crafters on the move. The bag has plenty of room for your yarns, needles, hooks, patterns, books and so much more! With a variety of wide, deep, Velcro and side pockets, all your accessories can be kept organised too. Ensure you have a neat and tidy solution for all your necessities with one of these fashionable bags!

Fat Quarter Bag

Keep all your fabrics in one place for easy viewing and access with this innovative Fat Quarter Bag. Ensure your mind and work place is tidy by keeping your favourite fabric stash organised. The bag features contains divided sections to house all your fat quarter bundles and clean and dust free. The sturdy bag features a clear stop cover for easy selection and a strong zip with a handle for transportation. There's an extra pocket for other accessories and the dividers can be removed allowing you to organise your fabrics to your working needs.

Curver Storage Boxes

Perfect for tidying your crafty accessories up around the house. The collection features four colourful designs This sturdy, but pretty, storage solution range features four colourful designs to complement your home. The boxes will keep your supplies and work safe and secure with its durable structure and secure lid. The boxes are ideal for housing a variety of items with its water resistant and wipe clean construction. Store all your knitting and crochet supplies for easy transportation and also a stylish storage solution for your home!

Folding Crafters Trolley

The perfect companion for all crafters on the go, this Foldable Craft Trolley will ensure all your supplies can join you on your travels. The sturdy trolley is ideal for transporting work and keeping your tools together when heading out. When not in use, the trolley can easily be folded down and won't take up much space. The two wheels ensure easy movement for a stress-free way of transporting your latest inspirations!

Really Useful Boxes

Featuring over 120 different size boxes, the Really Useful Box Collection is the ultimate storage solution for all your crafting supplies. These study and robust boxes come in a variety of sizes for all your tools. They include clip tight lids and are available in transparent clear and colour shades for great organisational purposes. This range is perfect for selecting the right size for your supplies and can be stacked away taking up minimal space. The versatile options of these boxes are endless, they will cater to your every crafty needs keeping your home and tools neat, tidy and organised.

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