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How to Draw a Personalised Wreath Scrapbook Cover

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Elevate your albums, enhance your scrapbooks and master basic illustration techniques with this simple step by step project. Folky florals and hand-rendered letters are beautiful illustrative devices that add a special dimension to your journals and notebooks, and they are surprisingly easy to accomplish, once you know how.

Here we show you how to personalise a plain scrapbook with your own monogram and create painterly blooms using POSCA pens. In our thorough drawing how-to, we show you how to depict a range of different illustrated flower motifs using simple shapes. We also cover blending and overlaying with the POSCA paint markers as well as basic hand-lettering.

Decoration and personalisation is easy with POSCA paint markers. Water-based and non-toxic, these paint pens dry opaque with a  solid colour. The pens work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these markers ideal for the all-purpose crafting. So why don’t you try these illustrations inside your scrapbooks to create a co-ordinated look?

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How to make


Using a pencil, make a very loose, light sketch of where you’d like your flowers to be positioned. Now draw a white narcissus flower. Start by drawing a triangle of three petals with the white POSCA as shown, then making loops in-between the shapes before filling in with the white pen.


Draw your star flowers. Again, using a white POSCA, make a three curved marks, one at the top and two at the bottom. Add two lines between the triangular shape so the shape resembles a leaping man, then draw curves around the lines to make petals and colour in.


To create the rose motifs, use a yellow POSCA to make dots and dashes to produce a floral centre, make larger curved shapes around the central marks. Build the flower up with more shapes until you are happy with the size. Then fill out.


Use the red POSCA to make the poppy shape by drawing three triangles, one at the top, two at the bottom, join up by drawing two triangles in-between and colour in.


Construct the pink peony flowers by drawing a simple circle and joining at the side with pink curved lines.


Colour in the central circle of the peony in pink and blend white and pink POSCA colours on the side petals.


Add lavender stems and forget-me-nots by drawing-in hearts along a curved line with the purple POSCA and making a cluster of five blue heart shapes with the blue POSCA.


Using the green POSCA draw-in stems and leaves as shown.


Make flowing flower centres in the white narcissus and poppy shapes using yellow and black POSCAs as illustrated. Do this by making expressive pen strokes from the centre of the flower along the inside shape of each petal.


Use contrasting POSCA colours to make dotty centres in all of the flower shapes, except the roses, as pictured. Work out from one large central spot and add little dots with the tip of your pens.


Add highlights and definition to the flowers and leaves with dots and dashes of yellow and white POSCA markers.


Finish with your monogram. Write a simple letter shape, Add lines around the outside of the initial, adding accents and curves as you connect the lines.


Colour in your initial.

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