How to Make Faux Stoneware Christmas Decorations
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How to Make Faux Stoneware Christmas Decorations

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour
Stoneware glazed ceramics are beautiful and make the perfect gift - who knew you could simply recreate the look using different painting techniques? Here crafting expert Debbie von Grabler-Crozier talks us through the process of creating her collection of gorgeous, faux stoneware Christmas decorations.

You will need

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How to make


Please read through the pattern and assemble all needs before beginning.
Top tip! This gel is great for filling in slight perfections on the surface.


Use the brush to coat all of the pieces that you are decorating 2/3 of the way up or down with medium Grain Gel. Once this is painted, it will give a grainy ‘pottery-like’ finish.
Top tip! This gel will shrink a little as it dries and may need re-coating. Be careful not to obscure fine details like window openings.


Allow this to dry and repeat if needed.
Top tip! I have lightened my Powder Grey 1:1 with White. This is optional.


When dry and you are happy with it, paint all over the gel part only with Powder Grey acrylic paint.


Choose from the darker Mouse Grey, Plum or Dark Green to paint the top or bottom third of the item.


Using the toothbrush, splatter the item all over with Black and then White paint.
Top tip! To achieve larger splatters, thin the water slightly with water and mix in well.


Allow this to dry. Come back in and splatter over the textured part with whichever colour you have painted the bottom third. For example, if it is green, splatter green and if Plum, splatter plum.


Paint the coloured third of the item only with the Gloss Varnish taking care to paint very smoothly to keep the brush stroke marks to a minimum. This makes a nice contrast between the two textures.


Thread pieces of jute twine through the tops of the tree ornies and tie them off ready for hanging.

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