How to Paint a Watercolour Watermelon
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How to Paint a Watercolour Watermelon

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Learn how to create washy textures that look good enough to eat with this simple tutorial by Reeves, showing us how easy it is to create effective, minimal paintings in no time at all! It’s easy to paint and the finished piece will make you look like a grand master.

You will need



How to make

Step 1

Start your painting by lightly sketching a pizza slice.

Step 2

Using a squeeze of Reeves watercolour red, mix a watery red-pinkish colour (otherwise known as a red wash). This will be the base colour for your watermelon flesh. Apply your pink wash, working from light to dark. Go easy because you’ll be making things even darker later on.

Step 3

Taking a smidge of light yellow paint, fill in the yellow under-skin. Make sure you leave some white space between the pink flesh and where the under-skin begins.

Step 4

Now dry off the excess red wash with a washing up sponge. Load your paintbrush with some red paint and dab it along the left edge of the watermelon flesh. Let it bleed across. Add a small dab to the top right corner.

Step 5

Add a deeper swipe of yellow across the melon’s under-skin and then let everything dry. This is very important.

Step 6

Mix a little of the yellow with some Reeves watercolour green. Use this to paint a neat sliver of rind across the top of the melon slice.

Step 7

Mix a thick black and paint the seeds. Just a few towards the top right should do it. And you’re done!

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