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How to Organise Your Craft Room with Really Useful Boxes

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

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Craft, we all know can be a messy business, especially if you are a professional. Bits and bobs build up, focused and tired creative brains don’t always religiously do what mother says and “put it back where it came from!”. Until, in my case, after back to back writing books, design jobs and styling campaigns, things easily can get out of control…

In my case you couldn’t even get into your loft for balls of yarn wicker in baskets, die cut, laminate and sewing machines stacked up in precarious places. Hordes of random paints, combined with books of dried flowers and tassel trims all in the same box with no lid. In other words total chaos!

5 years ago my craft room was converted into my sons bedroom, so the loft became my storage and a carefully styled corner of the kitchen my workroom. As they say you grow with your space and so did my fabric collection, paper stacks, paints… you name it, I’ve probably got it.

I tried hard to keep things together but this easily went amiss. To the point where sometimes, I knew I needed something for a job that I knew somewhere I had, but it was easier to re buy that item again than go look for it in the chaos. As I work on a job, I generally attempt to sort through my materials and bring what I need down to my workspace in the kitchen.

Time for a tidying revolution! Storage is the key to sanity! So I began to look for some suitable boxes, I had a few ideas in mind of what I need, here are the 3 things that I find are important when choosing craft storage… 

1. Stackable boxes with lids. It’s so important to utilise space, especially when you don’t have loads, if you can’t stack the box it’s not a good box.

2. Clear boxes, labelling is great but actually you need to see what’s inside easily especially if like me you have a lot of stuff.

3. Strong boxes, I’ve bought so many boxes over the years that have literally fallen apart, lids crack, sides crumble. It’s worth spending a bit more for durability.

So when I discovered Really Useful Boxes, they literally ticked all the boxes and revolutionised my stash. I cannot recommend them enough!

After I ordered a selection in different sizes to fit my needs from Hobbycraft, I spent a good few days in my loft sorting through all my materials. Now it’s a completely different space. It feels calm, organised and I’ll be honest I don’t worry about finding things, I know where they are. Ahh… what’s next to tidy?!

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