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How to Make a Floral Mother's Day Cake

Difficulty Intermediate
Time 1 hr +

Make a cake big enough to celebrate with the whole family, with the Wilton countless celebrations tin. Our friends at Wilton went with a classic ‘M’ for this floral Mother’s Day cake, but you could always use mum’s initial for extra personalisation!

You will need

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How to make


You will need:

*Combine Red-Red and Golden Yellow icing colours to get peach colour shown. 

Craft Essentials



Step 1 

Prepare sponge batter following recipe instructions. Spray tin and inserts with non-stick spray. Using package instructions place inserts in tin to form “M” shape. Fill tin with batter. Bake and cool. Remove inserts. Using knife, trim sponge to top of tin; invert onto cooling grid. Cool completely.

Step 2 

Prepare decorating bags. Tint 60g icing peach following colour combination shown above.
Using Golden Yellow Icing colour, tint 60g icing yellow.
Using Red-Red icing colour, tint 60g icing medium red.
Using pink icing colour, tint 60g icing pale pink.
Using pink icing colour, tint 60g icing dark pink
Reserve remaining icing white.

Step 3 

Prepare five decorating bags with tips 2D, 104, 81, 1M and 21. Fill as follows:
• Tip 2110: Stripe bag with half dark pink and white icing.
• Tip 21: Stripe bag with half yellow and white icing.
• Tip 81: Stripe bag with half peach and white icing.
• Tip 2D: Stripe bag with half medium red and white icing.
• Tip 104: Stripe bag with half pale pink and white icing.

Step 4 

Prepare six more decorating bags with remaining tips 2D, 104, 81, 1M, 21 and 12. Fill as follows:
• Tip 2110: Remaining dark pink icing.
• Tip 21: Remaining yellow icing.
• Tip 81: Remaining peach icing.
• Tip 2D: Remaining medium red icing.
• Tip 104: Remaining pale pink icing.
• Tip 12: 60g white icing.

Step 5 

Using remaining white icing, ice sides and top of cake smooth with palette knife. Using both sets of decorating bags, pipe flowers, stars, drop flowers and rosettes on top of cake, alternating colours and sizes.

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