How to Make a Floral Scallop Cake
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How to Make a Floral Scallop Cake

Difficulty Intermediate
Time 1 hr +

Take your buttercream piping skills to the next level, with this simple but effective floral scallop cake. Our friends at Wilton came up with this scrummy way to use their new scallop pan, with a simple filling and a festival of buttercream flowers on top – perfect for this spring/summer weather!

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How to make

Step 1 

Colour 500g of buttercream (or Creamy Decorators Icing) in pastel colours to create your flowers – we used yellow, pink, green and a little blue.

Step 2 

Using the flower nail and parchment squares pipe a selection of flowers and leave to settle (they will not dry but will become stiffer and more easy to apply to the cake). If you are an experienced cake decorator you could also freehand these flowers onto the cake.

For flower piping instructions please refer to Wilton.com for instructions and tutorials.

Step 3 

Spray your washed and dried Easy Layer Scallop pans with Wilton Cake Release Spray. Then mix and bake your cake batter according to the recipe instructions. Leave to cool completely before turning out.

Step 4 

Colour 500g of Decorators Icing with Wilton Color Right Colour according to colour palette required. We used a beautiful pastel yellow is here.

Step 5 

Secure the bottom layer of cake to the cake board using a blob of butter cream then ice the first lay. Continue to ice layer the cakes until all layers are in place. Ice the top of the cake with a thin layer of buttercream – enough to adhere the flowers to the cake.

Step 6 

Carefully adhere your buttercream flowers to the top of the cake and fill in any small gaps with either green leaves using tip 352, or little swirls using tip 21.

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