How to Make a Mini Egg Easter Cake
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How to Make a Mini Egg Easter Cake

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +
It wouldn't be Easter without indulging in some chocolate eggs, and this cake is completely covered in them from top to bottom! Make your favourite sponge to construct the cake, and cover in a generous helping of buttercream icing, then add your chocolate eggs by pressing them into the buttercream. If you can resist temptation to cut a slice straight away, leave the icing to harden a little, and then tuck in! Suitable for : Beginners Decorating time : One to three hours depending on speed!

You will need

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How to make

You will need:

Seven inch round layer cake (approximately five inches high)

6-8 bags of Mini Eggs


Start by covering your cake all over with a generous layer of buttercream, approximately five millimetres thick. Smooth it over with a palette knife; however it doesn’t need to be perfect!


Have your chocolate eggs ready to go and, starting at the base of the cake, begin sticking the eggs to the cake in colour pairs, (two white, two pink, two yellow, two purple) repeating the pattern all the way around the base.


For the second row of eggs, repeat the same pattern of colour pairs but shift the pattern along anti-clockwise by one egg.


Build up the layers of eggs row by row, making sure to shift the pattern along anti-clockwise by one egg every time you start a new row.


Repeat the pattern on top of the cake, starting from the outside edge and working inwards in concentric circles.


The finished cake!

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