How to Make Sugarcraft Dogs
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How to Make Sugarcraft Dogs

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Create a canine cake personalised to your very own pups using Renshaw modelling paste and a few handy tools. Follow along with the two tutorials below to find out how to make a scruffy dog, and a sausage dog!

You will need

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How to make

You will need:

Ball Tool

Dresden Tool

Dried spaghetti

Cooled boiled water

Scruffy Dog

Step 1.

On a clean dry surface knead 50g Renshaw White chocolate modelling paste with 25g Renshaw Milk chocolate modelling paste to achieve a beige colour. Shape a smooth ball into a cone. Place on its side and mark in the hind legs with your little finger. Add fur markings to the body using the dresden tool.      


Step 2.

To make both the front legs take a 10g piece of paste and roll into a rope. With your finger and thumb pinch in approx. 1cm from each end to create the ankles. Press along the length of the rope to thin the edges. Trim in the middle to create the two. Add fur markings with a dresden tool. For the back paws take a small ball of paste and flatten between your fore-finger and thumb. Add fur marking with a dresden tool. Attach the legs to the body with water.     

Step 3.

For the tail, take a small piece of paste and shape into a rope tapered at both ends and fur markings with a dresden tool. Make a hole in the body and attach the tail with a small amount of water.         

Step 4.

For the head start with a smooth egg shape. Pinch around the thin end to enhance the muzzle. Use your little fingers to press in the eye area and shape the nose. For the eyes and nose press the end of the paint brush to create an indent and fill with small balls of Black flower and modelling paste. Use your knife to create the smile. The ears are created using a small amount of paste shaped into an oval and pressed between your finger and thumb. Add fur detail using a dresden tool.   

Step 5.

To attach the head, first press in your thumb to create an indentation for the head to sit. Insert 2 small pieces of dried spaghetti. Brush the area with a small amount of water. And attach the head ensuring that the spaghetti supports the head approx. half way.

Sausage Dog

Step 1.

On a clean dry surface knead 20g Renshaw Black Flower and Modelling paste into 60g Renshaw Milk chocolate modelling paste to darken the colour. Shape 15g of paste into a thin tapered sausage. Pinch out the legs and neck.Insert a 1” piece of spaghetti through the neck to support the head. Use the end of the paintbrush to create a small hole at the end of each leg. Set the shape over kitchen paper.

Step 2.

To create the paws knead Renshaw Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste until pliable and shape 4 small balls, flatten between fore finger and thumb. Mark 2 lines in each ball with the back of the knife to create the paws. Create a patch for the neck by rolling a thin sausage and flatten out between fore finger and thumb. For the tail create a tapered sausage at both end. Make a hole in the body for the tail to sit. Attach all components to the body with water.


Step 3.

Shape 10g of the darker brown Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste into a ball. Pinch the paste between forefinger and thumb for the nose. Use the end of the paint brush to create the indent for the bottom lip. Fill this space with Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste shaped into a small sausage. Use the large ball tool to create the shape for the eyes. Fill with Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste. Press with the end of the paintbrush and fill with a small ball of Black Flower and Modelling paste.

Step 4.

For the ears shape 2 cones and flatten between finger and thumb. Attach to the head with water.

Step 5.

Attach the head to the body, ensure the spaghetti supports half way through the head.

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