Cricut: How to Make a Mother's Day Frame
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Cricut: How to Make a Mother's Day Frame

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

What better way to let your Mum know that you love her than by making this unique frame, just for her. Made from folded paper hearts and finished with a sprinkling of adhesive gems to give a bit of glamour and sparkle, you will be creating something extra special.

This is a large project which will require a few days to produce, so don’t leave it too late to get started! To protect your artwork, just remember to keep it dry and away from heat sources, otherwise it could affect the glue that you have used to stick the hearts with.

Project created by Michelle Ventura. Find more of Michelle’s work over in her Etsy shop, LoveArts by Michelle or follow her crafty journey over on Michelle’s Facebook page

You will need

You will also need:

A1 Card – available in-store only



How to make

Step 1

Using a Cricut machine select the heart shape from the Shapes menu. In the Settings menu make sure the units are set to centimetres. On your canvas unlock the size by clicking the padlock and then create two different sized hearts:

2.35 wide  x 2.2 high



1.45 wide x 1.3 high

Step 2

Add a score line down the centre of both the large and small hearts. Drag a selection box over each individual hearts and it score line and ‘Group’ them together. Duplicate the large heart 74 times and the small heart 330 times.

Step 3

Cut out the hearts using white cardstock and a standard grip cutting mat. making sure that the scoring stylus is inserted into Port A (if you are using the Cricut Maker the Scoring Wheel can be used). Once cut, gently fold the hearts along the pre-made score line.

Step 4

Cut the background card to 600 x 250mm. I stick my card onto the wooden back that comes with the frame just to make ensure it’s the correct size, and it also makes it more rigid and easier to handle. Lightly draw a line using a soft pencil 42mm from the top and bottom edges. This will give you a guide to align your letters. On this line, mark 300mm from the end to get the centre point, please see diagram below.

Step 5

Print out each letter template onto separate pieces of grey card – you’ll need to print one U and two M’s.

Step 6

Cut out the shape of the letters by following the outline. Keep the centre cut out section from the ‘U’ and lightly stick it back to the rest of the letter – this is so that you can mark the centre point on the top straight edge.

Step 7

Starting with the middle letter ‘U’, mark the centre point and using double-sided tape stick each letter shape onto the background card by aligning the centre points of the letter and the background. Allow a gap of approx 8mm between each letter.

Step 8

Using a soft eraser, rub out the 42mm guidelines and centre points.

Step 9

Now start gluing the hearts onto the template using a glue stick. For the flower shapes apply the adhesive gems first.

Step 10

To complete, apply the remaining gems!

Helpful Docs & Software

Mum Heart Frame Template

Letter templates for Frame


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