Cricut: How to Make a Paper Star Garland
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Cricut: How to Make a Paper Star Garland

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Whether you're welcoming a new arrival, celebrating the New Year or marking a milestone birthday, this paper star garland is the perfect decoration that can be made any size, colour and length you like.

Created using the Cricut Explore or Maker and the Scoring Stylus (or Scoring Wheel if you have the Maker), these perfectly formed paper stars are easy to to make into a garland to adorn your home. You could even create a cake topper or a larger star to decorate the top of your tree. The possibilities are endless!

Project and instructions by Aisha Cluitt.

Cricut Design Space Project Link: Paper Star Garland >

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This project contains paid-for content from the Cricut Design Space app. Screen grab reference images are taken from the desktop version of Design Space. This project was created using the Cricut Maker; however, it can also be recreated on any of the Cricut Explore machines

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

* A3 My Colour Cardstock - available in-store only

* Cricut Design Space app installed on a PC or laptop

Step 1

Start by opening the project in the Cricut Design Space app using the project link at the top of this post, or alternatively use the link below - https://design.cricut.com/landing/project-detail/60ecb6d20110b304a8b550d4

To access the project, copy and paste the link into your browser, you will be directed to a Cricut landing page, select 'Open' followed by 'Open Cricut Design Space Application'.

The app will open (you may be prompted to log in) and the project overview screen will appear.

Select 'Customise'.

Step 2

Once through to the Canvas screen, re-size the star elements to suit the size and shape you require.

Top Tip - When resizing the elements for each star make sure all the elements for the star are 'Grouped' so that they all remain the same size.


Step 3

Once happy with the size of the elements, select 'Make It'. You will then be taken through to the mat preview screen.

Select the size mat you intend to use and move any elements around to avoid any wastage when cutting, this can be done by selecting an element of the mat and selecting the three dots followed by the 'Move Object' option, select which mat you want to move the element to, then re-position so that there are no overlapping pieces on the preview.

Select 'Continue'.

Step 4

Once through the machine set up screen, select the relevant cut setting (we used Kraft Board) and follow the on-screen instructions to cut out the elements, inserting the Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel when prompted.

Top Tip - Carry out a test cut and assemble a few different sizes of star so you can gauge how big they will end up being, this way you'll avoid making them too big/small.

Step 5

After each mat has been cut, unload the machine, and carefully remove the pieces. 

Continue working in the way until all the mats have been cut.

Step 6

To construct the stars, take one set and valley fold along all the score lines on all the pieces. 

Step 7

Secure the tab in place using a hot melt glue gun - be extra careful not to get any glue on your fingers (!) - securing it to the inside of the opposite edge.

Repeat this process for all five pieces.

Step 8

With the tab edge positioned on the left-hand side, and the piece in a diamond shape, apply glue to the two tabs on the left-hand side.

Take a second piece and position in the same way and secure the right-hand unglued tabs on the second piece to the glued left-hand tabs on the first piece, hold the pieces in place until the glue has set.

Step 9

Continue working in an anti-clockwise direction until all the pieces are attached to form the star shape, carefully securing the final two sets of tabs on the first and last pieces.

Repeat steps seven to nine to construct all the remaining stars.

Step 10

To create the garland, trim twine to your desired length, then secure the stars to the twine using a hot glue gun once more.

Step 11

Your garland is then ready to be hung up in your home, either above a fireplace, up a stair banister or you could even create a garland for your Christmas tree.

Cricut Paper Star Garland

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