Cricut: How to Make a Personalised Christmas Stocking
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Cricut: How to Make a Personalised Christmas Stocking

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Creating your own personalised fabric Christmas stocking is easy when using the Cricut Maker and the online software, Design Space. With its rotary blade, fabric and felt are easily cut into the required pattern pieces with minimal waste. This adorable stocking is ideal for little ones, and can be made in any colour of felt you like!

You will need



How to make


You will also need:

Calico cotton fabric - available in store only

Step 1

Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android device, log on to your Design Space™ account and make sure you are connected to your Maker™ machine. Search for and select a ‘stocking’ from the image library: this project used stocking image #M3CDEE, from Teresa Collins Dec 25th .

Step 2

Delete the toe and heel and the top cuff layer. Resize the stocking to be 10.6” wide x 19.9” high / 27cm (W) x 50cm (H).

Step 3

Alter the colour of the two layers to cream for the stocking and pink for the cuff. Duplicate the stocking and flip the second image: this will be the back panel of the stocking.

Step 4

Add the desired name using text: select the font and re-size the name to fit the centre of the cuff.

Step 5

Search for and select images to embellish the stocking: we used a Christmas tree, presents, a dog and a Santa hat:

 – Christmas Tree (#MEFB20 Home Organisation):

– Presents (#M3A706 Birthday Cakes):

– Dog (#MFB759 Bits & Pieces):

– Santa hat (#M44023 Hoot n Holler):

Step 6

 For the Christmas Tree: ungroup the image and delete the bottom layer.

Step 7

Insert a star and re-size it to fit the tree top. Insert a square and disproportionately size it to create a tree trunk. Re-size the tree to fit the stocking.

Step 8

Add the presents to the stocking design, re-sizing and duplicating as desired.

Step 9

 Repeat step seven, this time with the dog and Santa images.

Step 10

Search for and select a grass border in the image library. Resize to give a length long enough to create a draped tinsel effect on the tree.

It is not necessary to clean the threads from a fabric grip cutting mat, just replace the dust cover when not in use.

Step 11

Cut the stocking body pieces from calico cotton and the cuff and embellishments from the relevant coloured felt and name from glitter iron-on vinyl; selecting the appropriate material setting for each and loading the correct blade (the rotary cutter is used for this project). Carefully remove the pieces from the mat.

Step 12

Remove the unwanted iron-on vinyl using a weeder tool and the Bright Pad™.

Step- 13

To construct the stocking, pair one cuff with the front stocking panel,  line up the top edge and pin in to place. Sew across the top with a 1cm seam allowance. Press the seam open. Repeat this for the back panel of the stocking. 

Be extra careful when sewing around the top half of the stocking, making sure the stocking cuff does not get sewn into the sides. To avoid this pull the cuff out of the top of the stocking.

Step 14

Match the front and back pieces together with the right sides together and pin in place. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to stitch around the outside edge of the stocking, using a 1cm seam allowance. Do not sew along the top of the stocking.

Step 15

Carefully cut notches around the toes and heel without snipping through the thread line. Once complete, turn the stocking through and press to remove any creases.

Step 16

Sew the edges of the cuff together using blanket stitch and embroidery thread.

Step 17

Use fabric glue to construct all of the felt pieces, adhere the pom poms and felt tinsel to the Christmas tree, and add ribbon bows to the tops of the presents. Leave to dry before applying to the main body of the stocking. 

Step 18

Use the Easy Press™, or an iron and press cloth, to apply the name to the stocking cuff and the star to the Christmas tree. Follow the Easy Press™ heat setting details located on the Cricut website »

Step 19

Secure a ribbon loop to the top of the stocking so that it can be hung up waiting to be filled!

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