Cricut: How to Make Milestone Baby Grows
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Cricut: How to Make Milestone Baby Grows

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

When someone is expecting a new baby, finding the right gift that is both thoughtful and practical can be hard. I created these milestone baby grows using plain white ones and coordinating rolls of Cricut Iron-on, ideal if the parents-to-be don’t know if they’re having a boy or girl. In total I made 12: one for each month of the baby’s first year.

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

12 Plain white baby grows (x3 0-3 months, x3 3-6 months, x3 6-9 months, x3 9-12 months)

Cricut Design Space software

Step 1

Create your designs using Cricut Design Space. Start by inserting the wreath “Charger Vinyl Wreath” #M87C7FC8.

Milestone Baby Grow

Step 2

Change the colours of the parts of the wreath to the colour of vinyl you’d like to use. I have chosen to use a brown foil iron-on and gold glitter iron-on. I sized my wreath at around 4 ½ inches so that it comfortably fits on the baby grows and can fit text inside.

Milestone Baby Grow

Step 3

Use the font function to add text to your first baby grow. Type the words ‘one month’ and then ‘Ungroup’ the letters to rearrange them. I used the weld function to tell the Cricut to cut the words as cursive words rather than individual letters. Arrange the words inside your wreath to check they’re the right size.

Milestone Baby Grow

Step 4

Copy and paste your wreath a further 11 times so that it is a uniform size on all of the baby grows. Create the text for two months to twelve months.

Step 5

Follow the instructions on your machine to cut your designs from the Iron-on vinyl, remember to load the vinyl onto the cutting mat shiny-side down, ensuring your design is mirrored before cutting.

Top tips for Iron-on success:
– Pre-heat the area where you’ll be applying the iron-on 
– Transfer your design one piece at a time. I did the main body of the wreath first, then the berries and then the wording. Expect to heat for around 30 seconds per piece.
– If using glitter Iron-on, this should be the top layer of your design. Using other iron-on vinyls on top of glitter Iron-on won’t adhere properly.
– Carefully peel away the clear carrier sheet once you have heated your design and left to cool slightly. If you find the vinyl pulls when lifting off the carrier sheet reapply heat to the area for 15 seconds. Don’t be tempted to peel away the carrier sheet whilst it is too hot as this can pull away the iron on before it has properly cooled (and it can hurt!)

Step 6

Using a Cricut EasyPress, transfer your designs to your baby grows following the EasyPress Interactive Guide 

Step 7

Repeat for all 12 of your baby grows! Check out my baby box tutorial for a cute way of presenting your baby grows to the parents to be.

Milestone Baby Grow

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