How to Make an Iftaar Time Frame
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How to Make an Iftaar Time Frame

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Create an eye-catching and decorative way to remember that all-important Iftaar time to break your fast this Ramadan. This Iftaar Time Frame looks beautiful as a centrepiece with the festive lights bringing a little sparkle as the sun sets. Use a white board pen to write down the day’s Iftaar time and simply wipe it away, ready for the next fast.

Project and instructions by The Little Pomegranate.

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Please note: This project contains paid-for content from Cricut’s Design Space app. Screen reference images are taken from the tablet/phone app version of Design Space.

The Cricut Joy was used to create this project; however, this project can also be created using any of the other Cricut machines.

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Start by lining the inside of the frame with the LED star lights. Use tape to secure the end neatly on the inside.

Step 2

Go across the frame in a zig zag pattern until you have a small tail of wire left. 

Step 3

Secure this to the bottom of the frame.

Step 4

Tidy up the left over cabling and use some tape to secure this to the back of the frame, along with the battery pack so that it's safely out of the way.

Step 5

Make the golden hanging lanterns.

Open the Cricut Design Space app and start a new project, opening a blank canvas.

Click the "Image" menu from the menu toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen, then search for the following images –#M5BF3E60B and click 'Insert'.

Step 6

To just make the hanging lanterns from #M5BF3E60B, "Ungroup" the image and delete the layers of the image you don’t need, until you’re left with just the lanterns.

Step 7

Resize the shapes to by going to "Edit" in the bottom menu and changing the dimensions.

Step 8

Cut the card to size and load it onto the mat. Click “Make” on the app and select “On Mat”

Step 9

Select right material (‘Medium Cardstock’).

Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the designs out and carefully remove them from the mat

Step 10

Now cut out the moon shape. This time search for the #M5BF3E24B.

Step 11

To just make the moon from this image, ungroup the whole selection by clicking the ‘Ungroup’ button

Step 12

Delete the other layers of the image, resize and repeat the steps to cut the shape out.

Step 13

Tie the thread around the top and knot to secure.

Step 14

Hang and tape the cut outs to the inside of the frame.

Step 15

Go back to the Design Space App and create a blank canvas

Step 16

Add ‘Text’ and choose your preferred font. Write “Iftaar” and “is at” and resize. We used the font ‘Cloud 9’ for the “Iftaar” and ‘Calson Black’ for “is at”.

Step 17

To create the line to write the time on, add a square shape by clicking the square in ‘Shapes’. Resize this (in ‘Edit’) to approx. 10cm x 0.3cm.

Step 18

Load your Smart Removable Vinyl and follow the instructions on Design Space to cut your designs.

Step 19

Weed you designs by carefully removing the areas of vinyl you don’t want

Step 20

Cut a piece of transfer tape to slightly larger than the side and remove the backing. Place this, sticky side down on top of your Smart Vinyl. Use the scraper to burnish.

Step 21

Prepare the surface of the frame by wiping it clean with a cloth or glass cleaner.

Step 22

After cutting your text and lines out, remove the white vinyl backing and position them in the right place. Use the scraper to burnish it onto the glass and remove the transfer paper.

Step 23

Turn the lights on, now it’s ready to use! use the whiteboard pens to write in the time to break fast, wiping it clean ready for the next day.

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