2 Ways to Decorate a Green Wreath
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2 Ways to Decorate a Green Wreath

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

So you've got your green wreath base, with the intention of creating something beautiful.... but maybe you've got a little stuck for ideas? Here's two ways to decorate your wreath, one very traditional, and one for the more trend-focused!

Instructions by Angela Gilbert.


You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

A selection of different sized stars

Traditional Wreath

1. Tie the large red bow to the bottom of the green wreath and glue in place.

2. Push in the red poinsettia pic to the top of the wreath and secure in place with floral wire.

3. Then position the fir cones and red berries around the wreath in a balanced manner – secure by tying the wire around the fir cones and berries and then position in place and secure the wire around the wreath base. If necessary, glue in place to secure

Star Wreath

1. Begin by painting and glittering your mache stars. Try to vary what you use on each of the sizes, between your acrylic paint colours and glitter. Leave to dry.

2. Assemble your wreath. Start by winding your lights around the wreath, ensuring the battery pack sits at the bottom. Don’t worry if you can see it a little bit, this will get hidden with the bow later on.

3. Next, tie the big hessian bow to the bottom centre of the wreath.

4. Arrange your selection of stars around the wreath, bending the branches as needed to create balance.

5. When you are happy with your arrangement, use the glue gun to fix them in place.

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