4 Ways to Use a White Twig Tree
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4 Ways to Use a White Twig Tree

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Brighten up any room in the house with a beautiful Decorative White Twig Tree. This striking centrepiece can be transformed in the blink of an eye with simple decorations be they bought or handmade. 

The tree is an extremely versatile decoration, and is therefore suitable for any occasion all year round. Use the wired rubber branches to bend and shape into the perfect position and get decorating.

Below you will find four ideas to get your creative cogs whirring!

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Easter Tree

Trees are no longer just for Christmas, and this alternative tree design is perfect to bring out during spring and into Easter. There’s something satisfying about re-clothing a bare tree to welcome in the spring.

Take a look at the examples below to see how we have decorated our Easter trees by using Easter ceramic blanks and fillable eggs. We have several posts on the Hobbycraft blog to show you how to create these fantastic decorations, such as How to Make Colourful Marbled Eggs, How to Make Galaxy Marbled Eggs, and How to Crochet a Carrot Garland.

Wedding Table Centrepiece

There are so many ways to implement the white twig tree into your wedding. The larger white twig trees make great table planners at weddings, simply hang your guests names from the tree branches. Mini slate hearts would work well for this, as they’d also be perfect as a wedding favour.

They also make great message trees! Instead of having a book for your guests to write their well wishes in, why not supply some cut out hearts or butterflies and some pegs for each of your guests to write out their message and then peg it to the tree. The messages can then be collated later on into a scrapbook of the day.

Advent Tree

Why not use your white tree as an alternative advent calendar? Cone shapes made out of card make great holders for sweet treats – simply make to size and tape a length of ribbon on the inside of each cone and fill with your item of choice. Take a look at the examples below for inspiration – it’ll be fantastic to have the choice over what is inside each parcel, and to be able to reuse the tree year after year.

If space is a little tight then a white tree is the perfect alternative to a traditional tree, and it also has the added benefit of no needles dropping! Once Christmas is over simply redecorate – it couldn’t be simpler. Why not hang some fairy lights from the branches to add a calming glow to any room

Modern Room Decoration

The versatility of the tree enables you to enjoy it all year round, but how should you be decorating your tree during the interludes between each big season? Take a look at the images below to see how others have been decorating theirs!

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