5 Home Decor Hacks with Posca Pens
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5 Home Decor Hacks with Posca Pens

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

We’re always looking for new ways to add a crafty, homemade element to our homes, so these five home décor hacks with POSCA pens are right up our street! A simple addition of a new vase, decorated photo frame, or even carefully placed accessories can lift a space or surface. By adding your own decorative touch, you can really bring your individuality to your spaces.

POSCA pens work on practically any surfaces, which makes them ideal for up-cycling and home hacks.

With great colour coverage and a wide selection of nib-sizes, the pens can produce a range of different effects and styles. And, because they are so versatile, you don’t have to be a master artiste either. The majority of the following projects use simple mark-making of dots, dashes, and daubs to show off just how easy POSCA pens are to use.

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Gold ‘Dipped’ Flower Vase

This metallic gold and white case is very easy to recreate and makes a beautiful decorative object for a table or mantlepiece.

We used a Unglazed Ceramic Bulb Vase and coloured the bottom with a Gold 8k POSCA Marker. While the POSCA paint was still wet we used a dry sponge to drag the paint upwards, softening the edges. We then continued to layer the gold paint marker at the bottom to increase the intensity of the metallic colour. This was to give it a ‘dipped’ effect and to contrast more effectively with the pure white tone of the ceramic.

Folk Themed Trinket Box

We all need something to store our crafty trinkets in. While our Mache Oval Boxes are ideal for gifts, we also think they are great for storing various bits and pieces. This folk themed container will keep all your random ribbon scraps and washi tapes in one handy place.

To decorate the box we simply covered it with a white marker from the Black and White Posca Marker Pens 8k 2pk, blending with blue 5m Posca from the POSCA Marker Pens 5M 8pk to create a more painterly finish.

Once the base layer was dry, we then used the blue and yellow POSCA pens from the POSCA Marker Pens 5M 8pk to give the box a simple folky floral decoration.

Mark Making Box Frame

The POSCA Marker Pens 5M 8pk was employed to full effect again here in this box frame revamp. We decorated a White Box Frame by first drawing two diagonal lines across the frame and colouring in various ‘zones’ with the 5m POSCA markers. To add interest we blended the pink and white POSCA pens while they were still wet to create an ‘ombre’ effect. We then waited for the coloured sections to dry before adding dots and dashes over the areas with our gold 5m POSCA as shown.

Delicate Floral Votives

We opted for a more refined touch for this home hack. We used a white POSCA 1mr Pen to create this delicate floral pattern on plain glass votives. The fine flower illustrations add a lacy-like decorative finish to these Rolypoly Candle Holders.

They are particularly pretty when you pop in a LED Flameless Candle Tea Light to make them twinkle. 

If you are not confident with drawing florals, you could stick a template inside the glass and trace over the outside of the glass with the POSCA. Give the votives a go-over with some varnish once you’ve finished to make the design permanent.

Dot, Dash, and Daub HOME Letters

There is no place like home and there’s no better home than a creative one! We’ve added a contemporary graphic finish to these MDF letters.

To recreate these for yourself simply cover the MDF shapes markers from the Black and White Posca Marker Pens 8k 2pk. Then use POSCA colours from the POSCA 3m Marker 8pk to add contrasting dots, dashes and squiggles as shown.

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