5 Projects to Make with Air Dry Clay
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5 Projects to Make with Air Dry Clay

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

There's no end to the items that can be created using air drying clay – from napkin rings and incense holders to spoon rests and candle holders, the possibilities are endless!

Discover five easy ways to create beautiful items for your home using air drying clay, perfect for beginners to clay modelling. You can either leave your finished creations plain or decorate using a selection of craft paints and Mod Podge to ensure your creations last for years to come.

Projects and instructions by Suzi Kagi.

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Five Projects to Make with Air Dry Clay

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Incense Holder

These moon and star-shaped air dry clay incense holders will make sure to keep your incense sticks safley in place as the calming aromas fill your home.

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How to Make an Air Dry Clay Cactus Jewellery Holder

Organise your jewellery by making an Air Dry Clay Jewellery Cactus holder. 

Not only is this cactus holder ideal for keeping your everyday jewellery items safe and sound, it makes a great display piece to have out in your home. 

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How to Make an Air Dry Clay Napkin Holder

No lunch or dinner party would be complete without beautiful handmade napkin holders. These super-simple holders are quick to make and can be easily personalised in any which way you like using the DAS clay metal cutters, simply follow the how-to guide below to get started!

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Spoon Rest

Keep work surfaces clean and tidy with this air dry clay spoon rest.

A lemon has been used as the design for this spoon rest, but any circular fruit could be used -  the choice is yours!

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Candle Holder

Bring that warm and cosy atmosphere to your home by creating clay candle holders. These custom made candle holders can be easily made to any size you like using your favourite candle as a guide.

Personalise your candle holders using DAS clay cutters, or why not add a pop of colour using paint once the holder has completely dried.

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