How to Decorate a Christmas Mache Noel
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How to Decorate a Christmas Mache Noel

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
Mache letters are great decorations for your home! They are so versatile, you can spell out any word that you wish so you can use them in any room or for lots of different occasions. They are especially wonderful for Christmas, and this Christmas Mache Noel would look stunning next to the Christmas tree or on top of the fireplace. Blue, gold and pink colours as well as geometric patterns are bang on trend this season and will give your christmas that amazing contemporary look!  

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How to make


Start by painting each mache letter using a single colour. Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying another. Keep repeating this step until all of your letters have been well covered.


Now its time to get creative with each mache letter. Try out different patterns that could be applied to the mache letters on a piece of paper to see what works best.


Rubber stamps are a great way of making patterns with acrylic paint. Simply brush a light amount of paint onto the stamp and press down on the surface it is going on to.
Top Tip! Keep your work surface clean by using a piece of paper when using glitter. Take a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half and then open it back up. When the glitter falls on the paper, fold the crease a little to help the glitter go back in the pot!


Glitter will give your letters a bit of sparkle! Choose a letter that you want to emphasise with the glitter, it will also add texture to the overall word. Apply mod podge glue to the desired area and then shake the glitter over the top of this and leave to dry. To get the best results with glitter, apply a second layer of glue and glitter and then leave to dry.


Why not try painting a mache letter with two colours? Choose two colours that are similar to the colours of the letters closest to it.
Top Tip! If your looking to paint very precise geometric shapes… Use masking tape! It can be hard to paint a precise shape with a paintbrush, but masking tape will help paint the perfect shape every time!


Using all the colours together on 1 mache letter shows the connection to the all of the other letters that have been painted.

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