How to Decorate a Wooden Advent House
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How to Decorate a Wooden Advent House

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1+ Days

Christmas is just around the corner! Count down in style with an advent calendar that’s perfect for decorating and reusing year after year. You can personalise it however you like, with a huge range of craft techniques to try. Grab some of your favourite paints and accessories and get crafting.

Project and instructions by Hobbycraft Artisan Paige Webb.

You will need

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How to make

You wil also need:

* POSCA 1mr Extra Fine White Pen

* POSCA 1m White Pen

Step 1

Start by applying an undercoat with white paint.

Paint the whole advent calender- don’t worry too much about being neat, we’re going to go over this with another colour!

The white undercoat will help your chosen advent colour pop.

Step 2

Pick your background colour! I mixed white, green, and blue to get this wonderful minty blue. Paint the whole advent calendar, then leave to dry before applying a second coat.

Step 3

Start painting your design. Start with your basic background shapes and add a few coats of the colour so it’s nice and bright.

Top Tip: Use a scrap piece of paper to draw a quick sketch of how you want your finished advent to look, so that you have a rough idea of where you would like each element to sit.

Step 4

Repeat step three for all your drawn elements.

For gap fillers, choose a couple of smaller drawings and fill in the gaps. I did some stars, holly sprigs, snowflakes, and candy canes to pop in the spaces!

Leave the paint to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step.

Top Tip: if you have a hair dryer to hand, this can help speed the progress along.

Step 5

Grab your POSCA Pen and this is where it comes to life!

Add all the details on top of your coloured shapes; I outlined all the drawings first, then filled them in with different coloured spots and designs.

Step 6

Now the front is done, it’s time to paint inside the doors. With the same colour as your background, paint the entire inside of each cube a few times until you’re happy with the coverage.

Step 7

To paint the back of the doors, pick some nice bright colours and lightly swipe your square-ended brush across the door and off the edge to get a crisp line.

Leave to dry before doing another coat, then leave to dry thoroughly.

Step 8

Using your POSCA pen, add some Christmas drawings on the inside of the doors for a festive surprise every time you open one up!

Step 9

Use tacky glue to apply numbers to each of the doors and leave flat to dry.

Once the glue has set, your advent is ready to use!

Wooden House Advent

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