How to Make a Bright Wool-wrapped Stags Head
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How to Make a Bright Wool-wrapped Stags Head

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +
Stags heads are everywhere at the moment on the high street, but I wanted something a little bit different. The mache base of this stags head means that you can virtually do anything you like with it from decoupage to painting it. At the moment I love using a combination of different wools and yarns in projects, so I decided to completely cover mine in it, and I think it looks fab! You can choose whatever colour yarn you like as long as it's not too chunky, and it's a great project for using up any odds and ends that you've got lying around the house!

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How to make


Starting with the stag’s antlers choose the colour wool you want to cover them with. I have chosen red to cover mine.


Starting at the tip of the antler apply glue using a glue gun, and stick the wool down, wrapping it around the shape tightly, making sure the antler is fully covered.


Continue to apply the glue and wrap the wool around the antler until it is fully covered, make sure to leave a small section at the bottom of each antler, this will allow the antlers to slot better into the reindeer head.


Use pearl head pins to secure the ends of the wool to the mache antler.


Next choose the combination of wool/yarn you want to cover the reindeer’s head with (I used a combination of pink, red, blue, green, orange and purple).
Top Tip! When wrapping the head in wool/yarn follow the shape of the mache head using the six colours running parallel to each other.


Cut each colour into a long strip, then secure them to the head of the stag using glue, and then wrap the strands round the head tightly, gluing every so often. Areas such as the ears will require more glue.


Secure the antlers using a generous amount of glue on the inside of the hole where the antlers need to be slotted in to. Hold in position until the glue has dried completely.

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