How to make a Cat Cushion
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How to make a Cat Cushion

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Who can resist a cute feline cushion like this? The unusual shape and striking features transform this project from an ordinary cushion into something special for an older child’s room.


Step by step courtesy of Fat Quarter: Quick Makes by Juliet Bawden & Amanda Russell, published by GMC Publications, available from Hobbycraft online and in stores.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need

2 fat quatrers of fabric

5 X 5in of felt

Thread to match fabric

Iron and ironing board


Step 1

Download the templates and trace over onto tracing paper or baking parchment. Cut out with paper-cutting scissors to make the patterns. Fold the main fabric in half. Pin the paper pattern for the cat’s face onto the fabric and cut out two cat faces.

Step 2

Draw the face details onto the paper side of the double-sided fusible webbing then press to fuse them onto the felt. Cut around the edge of the facial features.

Step 3

Peel the backing paper off the facial features and arrange them on the right side of the fabric. Press to fuse onto the fabric. Add a line of machine stitching using straight stitch to secure the features firmly to the cushion.

Straight stitch

The most basic of machine stitches, use straight stitch to join two pieces of fabric together and for top stitching and attaching binding.

Step 4

With right sides together, pin and machine sew around the edge of the cushion using a 3/8in (1cm) seam allowance and a straight stitch. Leave an opening of 2¾in (7cm) in the seam between the ears for turning. Trim the seam and cut notches in the curved edges.

Cutting into a curve

To form a smooth line on the right side of the work, when you have a curve, it helps to cut into it. It will also allow you to press the seam flat if you need to. After stitching the seam, trim to about ¼in (6mm) and snip little V-shaped notches into the seam allowance up to the seam.

Step 5

Turn right sides out through the opening in the seam. Fold in the edges of the opening and press the seams flat. Fill the cushion with toy stuffing or wadding.

Step 6

Slip stitch the opening closed with a needle and thread. Sew on two white beads to make pupils for the eyes if you wish.


Slip stitch

When joining two folded edges, bring the needle out through one edge, then make a small stitch into the fold on the opposite edge. Pull the thread through, then make another small stitch into the fold on the opposite edge. Continue in this way, stitching into each edge in turn and pulling the thread to draw the two folds together.

Helpful Docs & Software

Cat Features Template JPEG


Full Cat Template JPEG


Cat template PDF


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