How to Make a Christmas Tree Advent
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How to Make a Christmas Tree Advent

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1+ Days
Go for a classic advent this Christmas, using one of our most popular advent blanks. Grab some acrylic paints and get arty with this gorgeous Christmas tree advent design, that will be passed on for years to come!

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How to make


Paint the advent calendar with the white chalky paint. Make sure that you leave the doors open as the paint dries. Do a couple of coats, as you need the paint to be solid white at the edges.


Draw your tree shape onto the advent calendar. Keep the design simple and make sure that it avoids the drawer handles.


Use a stencil brush to dab on green paint onto the tree shape. You may need to leave this to dry and do another layer. Paint the trunk on in dark brown. Make sure that the drawers are open as they dry.


Mix the green paint with some yellow to make a more lime green colour. Use this to outline the bottom of each section of the tree. You may find that this does not show up as well once it is dry and that you have to go over it again. Make sure that the drawers are open as they dry.


Using yellow paint, dab along the bottom edge of each section. It looks good if the paint overhangs the bottom edges slightly onto the white. Make sure that the drawers are open as they dry.


Draw on the tinsel with a white pencil then use the Tulip paints to dab dots on as shown along the tinsel lines taking care to avoid the cracks.


Paint red baubles in red acrylic and use the gold pen for the gold baubles. You can then use a red sharpie, fine gold pen or fine outliner to decorate them.


Use the gold Cerne outliner tube to draw the numbers on the drawers. Make them look as if they are hanging from the tinsel.


Paint the presents at the bottom of the tree using the gold pen and green and red paint/ decorate as desired. Paint on the Christmas stockings and decorate.


Use the gold pen to draw and colour in the star.

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