How to Make a Clay Ghost Tealight
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How to Make a Clay Ghost Tealight

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1+ Days
Less is most definitely more in the case of this spooky clay ghost tealight. Simply made from air drying clay, there's no limit to the size he can be. Use a spherical object to get the shape of the head right, and then let gravity do the rest to create the folds in the clay, which will give the illusion that the ghost is floating. I've left my ghost tealight plain but you could use lots of different items to decorate him, from felt tips to craft paint, glitter glue to spray paint, the possibilities are endless!  

You will need

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How to make


Start by rolling out the air dry clay so that it is roughly the thickness of a £1 coin. The amount of clay you need to roll out will depend on the size of your spherical object, if in doubt just roll out the whole pack, you can always roll the excess clay back up and save it for another project.


Using a craft knife cut a flowing line around the edge of the clay, so that you get nice smooth edges.


Place your spherical object on top of a tall glass, making sure that it is covered in cling film, or you could pop it in a small plastic bag. This will ensure that the clay comes away easily once it has dried.


Drape the clay over the spherical object and gently re-position so that it hangs evenly all the way around. The clay should fall to create gentle curves this will allow the ghost tealight to stand without any support.


Carefully cut slits for the ghosts eyes in the clay.


Leave the clay to dry overnight, or preferably 48 hours.


Once dry carefully remove the clay ghost.

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