How to Make a Felted Peter Rabbit
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How to Make a Felted Peter Rabbit

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +
Learn how to make this impressively felted familiar face using our new polystyrene blank and wool roving. It's so easy to recreate this beloved childhood character, follow the tutorial below for guidance.

You will need

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How to make

Top Tip! Tidy up edges by cutting with scissors then felting over and under edges for a neat finish.


Start with the colour that will cover the largest part of the Rabbit. Lay the roving onto the Polystyrene body in the direction you want the fur or clothing to lay. Poke in straight, downwards motions with the felting needle to adhere wool to shape. Keep going until all areas of that colour are covered, using small strips of roving at a time. Any gaps you can fill in as you go or afterwards!


To make the carrot, use the orange roving and cover in the direction that you want the wool to lay. Poke with needle until adhered. Trim edges and felt under to neaten. Add dark brown strands and felt in veins on the carrot. Add green to the top of the carrot and felt into place. For the carrot top you could mix 2 green and flat felt on a sponge then felt into the paw for a 3D effect.


To make the book, use strips of brown roving for the cover and strips of cream roving for the pages. Felt until a flat finish is achieves. Trim around the edges to neaten.


To make Peter’s slippers, use the black roving and lay quite thick strands over the shape of the front of the slippers, becoming thinner as you go round the sides and the back.


Make a white pom pom tail, and use and glue gun to attach to the base of the coat at the back of the polystyrene model.


For Peter’s eyes, use small amounts of black roving, rolled into a ball and repeatedly stab with felting needle until they stay in place. Ring the eyes with a few strands of dark brown. Then, using a small piece of white, make the light reflection on each of his eyes.


To make the inner ears, use the pink roving and felt into the inner of the ears on the polystyrene model. You could add a darker pink for shading.
Top Tip! If you’re not happy with how it looks, lift off carefully with felting needle and do it again – I redid the face three times!


Using the same fur colour, use strands of roving to outline the nose and mouth.

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