How to Make a Fluid Art Heart Tray
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How to Make a Fluid Art Heart Tray

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Create a sweet painted heart tray using fluid art pouring techniques, and achieve something that looks shop bought with the sentiment of being handmade! Follow the tutorial below to find out how.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

cocktail sticks


If you would like the sides of the tray to be a certain colour, paint with two coats, leaving to dry between each coat.


Once dry, begin to mix your paints. For a consistency like this tray, first pour in around 50ml of Liquitex Pouring Medium into a paper cup, and about 25ml of white acrylic paint and mix.


If you’d like all colours to be very runny, mix each in a separate cup using the same mixture as above. If you’d like the colours to be more subtle, pour the paints directly from the tubs into the white paint mix with different amounts depending on how much you want the colour to show.


If you have mixed each colour with the pouring medium, centralise into one cup by pouring into the middle of the white one by one.


Now for the magic! Turn the tray upside down and place centrally over the cup and holding both, turn over so the tray is flat on the table.


Gently swirl the cup around the tray and lift, pouring out all of the paint.


Lift the tray and begin to tip in different directions until the paint covers all areas on the bottom of the tray.


Using a cocktail stick, pull out parts of the colours in intricate swirls, emphasising the delicate marbled swirls that have naturally formed.


Once happy, leave to dry. This will take up for 48 hours, so ensure you leave it somewhere out of reach.

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