How to Make a Halloween Feather Wreath
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How to Make a Halloween Feather Wreath

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

Go chic with your Halloween styling this year, and create a beautiful black feather wreath for your home. Super simple to make, it’s the perfect project for a nod to Halloween without too much orange and purple!

You will need

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How to make


Using the black paint, cover your polystyrene in two coats of black paint and let dry.


Separate the feathers in the mixed bag into white and black. Save the white ones for another project.


Put your feathers into two separate size piles, one larger and one medium. Separate out any super fluffy feathers into another pile (these are good for finishing later on).


Start arranging some feathers on top of your wreath base. I started with a few bigger feathers, following the curves of the wreath. Then I placed on some smaller feathers around, to add fullness and starting to build up some layers.


When you are happy with the placement of these feathers, use a small amount of glue on the spines and stick down to the base. Try not to glue down the ends of the feathers, as you want them to have a naturally springy and soft look.


Continue adding feathers all the way around the wreath, using a mix of sizes, and trying to make sure the ends of the spines don’t stick up too much. Don’t forget to cover the sides too, though you won’t see these feathers so much.


Take a length of ribbon and wrap a strip around the top centre a couple of times. Cut straight across and glue down the edge.


Cut a long length of ribbon and tie carefully into a bow. Glue onto the join of the ribbon strip on your wreath. 9. Trim the edges of the bow tails diagonally to stop from fraying.

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