How to Make a Stitched Heart Memory Frame
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How to Make a Stitched Heart Memory Frame

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Create a beautiful keepsake that reminds you of somewhere special, with this easy stitched heart memory frame project. Whether you make it for yourself or somebody you love, it’s a wonderfully personalised way of remembering special places in your life.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

Map or printed picture of a map/destination


Begin by making a heart template out of some scrap paper. Ensure that it is small enough to fit in the centre of your frame with at least 3cm space around the outside edge for your stitching.


Using this template, trace around onto your map and cut out the shape.


Trim your white card to fit inside your frame. Using glue dots or sticky foam pads, stick down your heart shaped map into the middle of the card.


Next, thread up your needle with one colour thread. I found it easiest to punch holes in the card before sewing, as it can be hard to pull the needle through. Leaving roughly 0.5-1cm gap from the edge of the paper heart, punch holes at regular intervals with your needle, starting from the bottom of the heart, then use a simple running stitch all the way round, tying off when you reach the bottom of the heart again.


I decided that I wanted to add a decorative line of pinholes around my line of stitching, so repeated step 4 without using embroidery thread.


Change colour embroidery thread on your needle and repeat step 4 again, this time using your other colour embroidery thread. Tie off when you reach the bottom.


Place inside your memory frame, and secure in place using glue dots if necessary.

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