How to Make a Tassel Necklace
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How to Make a Tassel Necklace

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Tassels are the accessory trend of the summer. From tassel adorned bags to striking festive-ready necklaces they are the crafters must-have project. This tutorial shows you how to make a tassel necklace with a few cheap supplies.

You will need

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How to make

You can also make quick tassels using the new Clover Tassel Maker, if you prefer!


Begin by wrapping your first piece of embroidery thread around three of your fingers  15 to 20 times. The more times you wind it around your fingers the thicker the tassel will be.


When the tassel is wound snip off the remaining thread.


Gently ease the tassel off your finger and onto a pencil making sure it doesn’t unravel.


Wrap a small piece of the same coloured thread around the tassel near the pencil. Secure with a double knot – but don’t make it too tight or you’ll find it tricky to get onto the necklace.


Thread the tassel onto the necklace. Repeat these steps with your other threads.


When all the tassels are in place and in the centre of the necklace, tighten them by pushing the horizontal tie up towards the chain. This will secure the tassels in place.



Cut through the bottom of each loop of the tassels to seperate the strands. Tidy up any longer threads so all tassels are the same length.


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