How to Make an Easter Egg Pinata
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How to Make an Easter Egg Pinata

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +
Have an egg-citing time at your party this Easter with this cracking egg pinata! Perfect for both the kids and adults, who can say no to a giant explosion of sweets galore?!

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How to make


For your egg pinata, you will need to prep it ready for decorating by using white acrylic paint. Paint both the inside and outside of the egg and leave to dry. Once this first layer of paint has properly dried, re apply another layer and leave to dry again.


Now to make the inside of your egg all sparkly and wonderful! You may be thinking at this point, ‘why should I decorate the inside when your not really going to see it?’… Well, I think that it is just as important to decorate the inside as well as the outside as although you won’t see it as much as the outside, it will be cracked open to reveal all the sweets inside so it will make it look that much more wonderful! So for this you will need your pink acrylic paint, craft PVA glue, glitter as well as paintbrushes. Begin by painting your first layer of paint on the inside and leave to dry for a short while. Once this has properly dried, reapply another layer. Once this has dried as well, you can apply your glue and glitter!


For this next step you will be putting your lid back onto the body of the egg and sealing it, so this is where you need to fill it to the brim with tons of sweets! (I would recommend using sweets that come in a packaging). So to seal your egg, you will now need some tissue paper, glue and a paintbrush. Rip your tissue paper into large pieces, big enough to the cover the crack on your egg. Use one to two layers of tissue paper to do this and then leave to dry.


You will now need to prepare all of the crepe/ tissue paper that will be stuck on the outside of your egg. So to create the fringing, keep the crepe / tissue paper folded together and cut them into strips. Cut little snips along the strip and then unfold the paper.
Top Tip!..When you are applying your glue to stick on your fringing, don’t apply too much glue as it can get very messy! You only need to apply a thin layer of glue.


Always start at the bottom of the pinata and work your way up, that way all the fringing will lay neatly on top of one another. Begin by cutting out a circle for the base of the pinata using some of your chosen patterned paper, then stick this to the base. To create stripes on your pinata, keep working in rounds; changing your colour every time you have done 5 – 6 rounds of fringing.


To add some variation to your pinata, glue some feathers onto it in the same way you have already been doing with the crepe / tissue paper. Not only will this add a bit more colour, but it will also add texture as well as keep with the theme of Easter!


When you have got to the top of your egg, you will need to glue your ribbon in place before you can add anymore crepe/ tissue paper. Use a glue gun to glue your ribbon in place, make sure to use plenty of it to secure it. Depending on where you are going to hang your pinata, make sure that the ribbon is between one to two metres long.


You could decorate the outside of your pinata further by using different embellishments related to springtime and Easter. For this pinata, paper butterflies were used. To create paper butterflies, use a large butterfly punch and your chosen patterned paper. Use a glue gun to stick these in place all over the pinata.


To add tassels to the bottom of the pinata, cut lots of long strips, gather them together and staple. Simply add a piece of double sided tape to the back and stick to the base of the pinata.


Now that you have finished your pinata, I would recommend leaving it overnight to completely dry due to the amount of layers of glue you have just been using. This will help to ensure that everything is properly glued and secured.


I hope your pinata is a smash hit!

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