How to Make Geometric Mache Tree Decorations
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How to Make Geometric Mache Tree Decorations

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
Make your tree twinkle and shine with a bit of on-trend copper and geometric styling. Use our mache shapes to create these elegant but easy geometric mache tree decorations; if you have a different colour palette, switch out the copper paint and decoupage papers for something that matches your style and colours.

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How to make


Paint your mache decoration with copper paint and leave to dry. You may need more than one coat.

Glitter Decorations


Add geometric accents using glitter; section part of your shape and paint with PVA glue, making sure you create a strong straight line where it meets the painted section which will remain unglittered.


Quickly sprinkle copper glitter over the glue section and shake off any excess. Leave to dry.


If you want, you could also highlight the edges of the shapes with glitter as well as/instead of the front.

Decoupage Decorations


Trace around the outside of your shape onto the back of a piece of decoupage paper.


Carefully cut out your template using scissors. Check it fits neatly on the top of your mache shape and trim edges if necessary.


Paint a thin layer of PVA glue on the top of your mache shape, then lay the paper cut out on top, removing any air bubbles from under the paper with a brush.


Gently paint another thin coat of glue on top of the paper, taking care to make sure it does not rip or move. Leave to dry.

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