The Rosy Nicholas Christmas Collection
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The Rosy Nicholas Christmas Collection

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

If you’re looking for a funkier festive feel this Christmas, take some inspiration from style queen and avid crafter, Rosy Nicholas. Her fun makes are fresh and colourful, and there’s something for every home!

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

Mache Birds

Plain Stocking

Craft Knife- Available instore

Pipe Cleaner Wreath

1. Take the polystyrene wreath and cover with your choice of material. I used a blue velvet and cut tabs all around the outside. Alternatively, you could wrap it with a wide ribbon or even glitter it as a base.

2. If using material, use pins to secure the tabs at the back by pushing through the material into the polystyrene.

3. Choose your coloured pipe cleaners, I like these metallic ones for christmas! You’ll need at least 30 but you can use as many as you like and will depend on your design.

4. Start by attaching about 8 pipe cleaners together into one long length by twisting the ends together. Then bend that length into 1 inch zig zags.

5. Place zigzag length around the outside of the wreath, and secure by wrapping a different coloured pipe clear over the top of the wreath and through the zig zag.

6. Round the back of the wreath, twist the two ends together to secure and trim off ends.

7. Continue until you have got around the whole wreath, you may have to make more zigzag lengths depending on the size of your wreath.

8. Now use a different colour pipe cleaner and make another long length by twisting the ends together again.

9. Bend into a curly design or whatever shape you like.

10. Using small blobs of glue gun, work around the wreath, sticking the curly pipe cleaner length to the already existing pipe cleaners.

11. Continue right around the wreath with the curly lengths

12. Here I’ve added another zig zag, but you can carry on adding different patterns till you feel it’s enough, which in my book is almost never!

13. Now add pom poms to any areas you wish, using the glue gun again.

Bird Wreath

1. Paint birds in different colours and leave to dry.

2. Add glitter touches using a paint brush dipped in PVA glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue, leave to dry.

3. Glue gun the birds, bells and pom poms onto the wreath.

4. I gave my birds a little pom pom hat too!

Embellished Angel Stocking

1. Design your image and cut all your shapes out of felt.

2. Sew on pearls and sequins or any decoration of your choice onto your shapes, I’ve done it on my angels dress and wings.

3. You can also embroider small detail like the angels eye if you like.

4. Glue gun or fabric glue all the shapes onto the base first, then glue pompoms on top.

5. Sew on bells.

Bright Advent Tree

1. Paint the tree base and front of each draw differently with acrylic paint.

2. When dry, glue gun the poms on.

3. Glitter a ball by painting it with PVA glue and then sprinkle with gold glitter.

4. When dry, cut a V shape out the ball with a craft knife so it fits on top of the tree peak.

5. Glue gun the ball on.

6. Use the gold sticker stick-on letter packs for the numbers on the draws.

Funky Fillable Baubles

1. Decide how you want to fill your bauble – I used a variety of crafty fillings. Buy ready made packets of confetti or cut up tissue paper yourself.

2. Cut colourful straws into 1 inch lengths.

3. Use a paper punch to cut lots of coloured paper shapes.

4. Stuff with pom poms.

5. Twist pipe cleaners around your fingers.

6. To close, push the two halves of the bauble together and tie at the top with the string provided.

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