2 Ways to Make Snowy Kraft Gift Wrap
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2 Ways to Make Snowy Kraft Gift Wrap

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Hark back to a simpler Christmas and utilise a bit of nature in your gift wrapping, for a simple but elegant touch. Add texture to your snowy kraft gift wrap by incorporating lots of greenery and pinecones, whether faux or fresh, and plenty of twine.

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How to make

Gift Wrap

Step 1 

Begin by simply wrapping your gifts in brown paper. The magic is still to come later! I’ve created a gif below to show you a different type of wrapping technique which can add some WOW factor to the final look…

Top Tip!

Whether it be rain or shine, always keep an eye out throughout the year for fallen pine cones… they will come in handy for this project, or generally just for decorating your home during the festive period.

Step 2 

Once all your presents are wrapped (make sure you don’t forget which is which!), it’s time to get creative. I rustled up a collection of Christmassy materials such as pine cones, pine leaves and embellishments (found at Hobbycraft).

Step 3 

Use white acrylic paint to paint the tips of your pine cones and pine leaves. It will give a great snowy-effect and make your gifts look extra festive.

Step 4 

Once you’ve painted all the decorative items, place them somewhere to dry. Now it’s time to get a little bit messy so I advise you to lay down some newspaper or ensure you’re working on a worktop that’s paint-friendly.

Step 5 

Dilute some white acrylic paint 50/50 ratio with water. You want the paint to drip easily from the brush, but not saturate the paper.
Test on a piece of paper to get a feel for how strong you need to flick the paintbrush to get a ‘speckled snow’ effect. When you’re confident, proceed on your wrapped gift.

Step 6 

It’s up to you how snowy you want your present so keep splattering away until you reach your desired look. Include some snow on the sides of your gift and be careful not to smudge it.

Step 7 

Decorate some labels with the same method for that added extra special touch.

Step 8

Allow all gifts to dry off before adding some twine and decorations.

Step 9

Once dried, tie some twine (or ribbon if you wish!) around your gifts.

Step 10

It’s now time to get creative and turn your gifts in to a piece of art! This is when the painted pine cones and leaves come in handy as you can tuck, wrap and tie them to the twine. To attach the pine cones, simple thread the twine tightly around the needles and tie it to the twine.

Step 11

Secure the pine leaves by tucking them under the twine. Ensure you have tied the twine as tight as possible so it has a stronger grip.

Step 12

Play around with different techniques until you get the look you want.

Step 13

Add your matching labels by attaching them with tape or tucking them under the twine.

Step 14

For longer gifts, I recommend using a long pine leave to decorate as it fits perfectly across the length of the present. Remember, less is more!

Step 15

Why not pop to your nearest hobbycraft and see what good embellishments they have in store… This lovely faux pine/berry decoration is perfect for a bigger gift…

Step 16

Finally, pop them under the tree and soak up the beauty of all of your hard work… Don’t they all look great together!

Paper Bags

Step 1

To start with, pour some acrylic paint in to a dish so the sponges can get full coverage. Use a piece of paper to test the blotting on first as you don’t want to ruin a lovely bag. Once you get a feel for it, begin working on to your gift bag.

Step 2 

Start at the base area of the bag. This is where you will have most of the paint as you want it to look like the snow is falling down.

Step 3

Then, slowly work your way up the bag, sporadically adding the paint in different areas.

Step 4 

Repeat the process on both sides of the bag, allowing it to dry beforehand.

Step 5 

With the smaller gift bags, I decided to create an icicle effect on the top of the bag. Simply do this by painting an outline, then filling it in.

Step 6 

Adding a touch of paint to the handles is also a great idea for that extra snowy look!

Step 7

Now it’s time to prepare the decoration that’s to be wrapped around your bag once filled with all of your lovely gifts. I used cute paper stars to hang from twine. Paint them as you wish and allow for them to dry.

Step 8

Now it’s time to prepare the decoration that’s to be wrapped around your bag once filled with all of your lovely gifts. I used cute paper stars to hang from twine. Paint them as you wish and allow for them to dry.

Now your gifts are ready to transport safely and in style!

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