3 Easy Sewing Ideas for Mother's Day
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3 Easy Sewing Ideas for Mother's Day

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

There’s no better way to say ‘I Love You’ Mum this Mother’s Day than with a hand-sewn gift. These 3 simple sewing projects are fun to make, are really personal and perfect for mum.

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How to make

Handprint Canvas

Step 1

Draw around your hand and the hands you want to include onto paper and cut out. Arrange the handprints onto a canvas. When you are happy with the layout, draw around each one lightly in pencil.


Step 2


Take a piece of embroidery thread and tie a knot at one end before attaching the needle. Hand stitch each handprint in a different colour using either a close-together running stitch or backstitch.


Felt Purse

Step 1

Begin by cutting your felt to size. Cut a rectangle measuring 8cm x 12cm from one piece of felt and another measuring 13cm x 12cm from the other piece.

Purse panels cut out

Step 2

Place the smaller piece of felt on top of the larger piece, lining up the bottom edges. Pin together down the sides and bottom. Use scissors to round the top part of the larger piece of felt into a curve.

Pinning and cutting purse panels

Step 3

Take a scrap of felt and cut out a small heart. Pin the heart onto the front in one corner and sew it in place using a running or back stich.

Step 4

Pin the front and back pieces of the purse together again and use a blanket stitch to sew around the sides and bottoms of the purse.

Sewing pieces together

Step 5

Pin and sew the button in place on the top of the purse. and cut a slit on the flap in the corresponding place for the button to fit through.

Final purse

Child's Art into an Appliqué Picture

Step 1

Draw a picture that you would like turned into art, or use an existing one, making sure the subjects will fit inside your frame. If you are making one from scratch, make sure the parts in the picture aren’t too small or fiddly.

Child's Art

Step 2

Make a photocopy of the picture, if you don’t want to cut the original up. Then cut out the main subjects in the copied picture.

Cutting out subject matter

Step 3

The fabric will need to be layered up, so for people, you will need to make bodies separately to hair and clothes. To make templates, draw around the subjects onto a scrap of paper to create a silhouette. Then continue the lines to remove the clothes and hair, using the original art as a guide, or by pressing heavily with the pen over the picture onto the template to create grooves that you can fill in with a pen.

Making templates from drawing

Step 4

Repeat step 3, this time just drawing around the clothes and hair. Make the template a little bigger than the silhouette, so that none of the skin coloured fabric will show around the edges. If the hair overlaps the clothes you will need to do this a third time, for each layer. Cut out all the pieces.

Templates cut out

Step 5

Cut out scraps of fabric that match the colour of the different parts of the picture. Iron fusible interfacing onto the back of each piece of fabric. Use the templates to cut out the fabric pieces.

Fabric cut out from templates

Step 6

This is the fun bit, now you build the picture back together! Remove the back from the fusible interfacing and layer the pieces onto the backing fabric. When you are happy with the arrangement, iron in place.


Ironing fabric to create picture

Step 7

Use the picture as a guide to sew smaller features onto the picture - here we have sewn the eyelashes, nose and mouth.

Sewing details on to picture

Step 8

Iron the picture then use masking tape to attach it onto a piece of card before mounting in the frame.

Picture in frame

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