How to Make Stamped Penguin Gift Wrap
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How to Make Stamped Penguin Gift Wrap

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time < 1 hour

Die’s can be used for more than just cutting paper and cardstock, they can also be used to cut through foam! The resulting die-cut can then be adhered to a clear block to create a stamp for your very own handmade gift wrap. Simply grab your festive coloured paints and print away! 

You will need

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How to make

You Will Also Need:

Penguin Die set

Craft Knife- Available in-store only 

Acetate sheet

Stamping block 

Step 1

Begin this project by first die-cutting the penguin  from a sheet of foam. Use tacky glue to fix the foam penguin onto the surface of a stamping block. This can now be easily used as a stamp to decorate the plain white poster paper.

After loading the stamp up with paint, use a scrap piece of paper to make the first impression, this will help to remove any excess ink from the stamp.

Step 2

Unroll a good length of poster paper. Apply some black paint onto a spare sheet of acetate, and spread it around slightly to flatten out. Ink up the penguin stamp and then randomly stamp the image all over the paper.

Step 3

Once the desired area of poster paper has been covered with black penguins, repeat the process using the bow tie. Apply the bow tie to some of the penguins for added interest. 

Step 4

Once all of the stamping is complete and fully dry, trim down the poster paper to make a sheet of decorated wrapping paper. 

Step 5

Craft a co-ordinating tag by simply die-cutting the penguin from black cardstock, and then backing it using white card fussy-cut to match. Add a hole at the top to complete the tag.

Step 6

After wrapping your gift, add some black organza ribbon tied into a bow on top of the gift. Thread the tag with white embroidery thread, then die-cut several white snowflakes to embellish further. Secure the snowflakes back-to-back trapping two strands of embroidery thread between them. 

Step 7

To complete, fishtail cut the ribbon ends.

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