10 Easy Baking Projects for Kids
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10 Easy Baking Projects for Kids

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There’s nothing quite as fun as getting messy in the kitchen with the kids – the mix of yummy goodies to eat at the end and messy hands that can be easily washed, makes it a great afternoon together! Take some inspiration from these easy baking projects that kids will love – and love to eat too!

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10 Easy Baking Projects for Kids

How to Make Easy Jam Tarts by Childhood 101

I love that involving children in cooking experiences provides them with real life opportunities to develop so many different skills and understanding of a range of concepts. Not least of which is the development of fine motor skills – that is, activities that strengthen and improve the dexterity of the muscles of the arm, hand and fingers, that are so important for learning to control a pencil to draw and write. Many of the processes involved in food preparation provide opportunities for children to use these same muscles – activities such as slicing, stirring, whisking, peeling, mashing, kneading, grating, squeezing juice, crushing with a garlic press and pounding with a mortar and pestle. This jam tart recipe is super easy for children of all ages to be involved with (albeit with varying levels of adult support) and provides them with plenty of opportunities to use their very important fine motor skills.

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How to Make Sweetheart Jam Drops Recipe

These were so fun to make with my toddler and were VERY popular with everyone in the house! A sweetheart twist on the good old jam drop – what’s not to love!

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How to Make Funfetti Shortbread Bites

These adorable mini Funfetti Shortbread Bites are ridiculously easy to make and totally addictive. Crisp, buttery and filled with Funfetti, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to share!

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How to Make Dinosaur Biscuits by Tesco

Get your roooaaarrrr on with these cute and creative dinosaur biscuits. Your little helpers will love getting involved, especially when it comes to stamping a dinosaur's foot in the dough and decorating the imprints with writing icing.

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How to Make Lego Rice Krispie Treats by The Stay at Home Chef


Lego Rice Krispie Treats are easy to make for your Lego lover. Great for a Lego birthday party, Lego themed allergy friendly treat for school, or just plain fun for Lego lovers!

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How to Make Mini Pizza Bites by Mum in the Madhouse

My boys are bottomless.  They are both really active kids and eat pretty healthily most of the time and these mini pizza bites are a delicious after school snack or lunchbox treat.  There is something about going small that really appeals to my boys and these mini pizza bites are no exception.  You can top with whatever you want and they are great for adding vegetables.  These were made with mushrooms and a mini pepperoni, but we have made them with peppers, sweetcorn and ham in the past.

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How to Make Easy Iced Buns by Good Food

Kids will love these old fashioned iced buns, get them to help you decorate them too!

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How to Make Nutella Shortbread by Family Friends Food

I’ve mentioned before about my love-hate relationship with Nutella. Sooo delicious, yet so unhealthy. There’s big jar of it in our cupboard, which I try hard to ignore, but every so often it reminds me of its presence. That happened this week, when my daughter Kipper finally earned her ‘special breakfast’ by going straight to sleep instead of messing around in bed for an hour first.

Needless to say, her special breakfast of choice involves Nutella.

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How to Make Ham and Cheese Pastry Roll Ups by My Fussy Eater

Delicious Ham & Cheese Roll Ups made with puff pastry. They make a lovely treat tea for the family or can even be eaten cold for lunch!

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