11 World Book Day Crafting Ideas
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11 World Book Day Crafting Ideas

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World Book Day is coming around fast, so start preparing early to ensure you can do your favourite book justice! We have a selection of costume ideas to provide you with the inspiration you need to get crafting.

If none of these examples strikes your fancy, take note of the techniques used to create each costume and see if you can apply it to whichever character you decide on transforming into on the day!


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World Book Day Crafting Ideas

How to Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar

This childhood classic is instantly recognisable. Create your own wiggling caterpillar using cardboard, paint and paper fasteners! You could even create food items and use hook and loop tape to secure them onto sections of this hungry critter.


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How to Make a Mr Messy Costume by This Is Ladyland 

This Mr Messy costume is super quick to create in a pinch, and looks really effective. What’s your favourite Mr Men character? 

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How to Make Story Stones

Create your own story stones by following the tutorial linked above. You could theme the stones to a particular book, or you could create your very own characters – a great game that allows you to imagine all sorts of scenarios and storylines.

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3 Quick Harry Potter Costume Ideas 

Harry Potter is a classic, go-to world of costume to fall into if all else fails. Conjure up a wand using Fimo and a knitting needle, and craft a uniform out of felt and fat quarters – easy peasy!

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How to Make a Fantastic Mr Fox Mask by Party Delights 

Fantastic Mr Fox is a loveable maverick and is fairly easy to recreate in mask form using white card, orange and black paint and some elastic. Follow the tutorial above by Party Delights to see how they’ve crafted this mask.

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How to Make a BFG Dream Jar 

This dream jar looks so cool and is really simple to make! Head on over to the tutorial linked above from the Hobbycraft blog to find out how you can make your own.

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How to Make a Wizards Cloak 

Sometimes making your little ones costume from scratch can seem like quite a daunting task, however as the below guide shows, it needn't be, you'll have yourself a marvellous, magical wizards cloak in no time at all! Let's get making! 

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How to Sew a Peter Rabbit Costume 

This super easy Peter Rabbit costume requires no neatening of seams, and has no hems to worry about, which means it can be made in no time at all! The sizing is for 3 - 4 year olds, who will have great fun wearing it while they are escaping from Mr McGregor!

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How to Make a Mary Poppins Costume 

The practically perfect nanny has been back on the big screen recently but she was originally a character from a book by P. L Travers, meaning she qualifies for World Book Day! This easy outfit makes a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious costume that children will love.

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How to Make a Paddington Bear Costume

Loveable Paddington Bear is a classic character to dress up as on World Book Day. Our simple tutorial will show you how to make his iconic P.B. suitcase, red hat and luggage label to hang around his nec

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How to make a Mr Stink Costume 

David Walliams whiffy character, Mr Stink, is a popular costume for World Book Day. The nice thing about this costume is that it's really easy to recreate and takes no time at all.

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