26 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
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26 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Egg hunts have always been the most exciting part of Easter Sunday for the kids! If you’ve got little ones, you’ll no doubt be found scouring the house and garden come Easter morning. Whether indoors or out, there are so many creative and innovative ways to present each clue. Have a gander at the selection below to prompt inspiration.

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27 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

How to Make Paper Bag Easter Eggs by You Are My Fave

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner? I mean, we’ve been seeing pins for Easter stuff for months already but it is now time to actually get prepared for the upcoming holiday. I decided that this year I would make paper grocery bag Easter eggs. They are super easy and can be made various ways depending on your craft skills (mine are low to moderate in case you were wondering) and materials on hand.

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How to make a Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt by Bits of Everything


There are two ways to do this challenging Easter egg hunt.  1 – Treasure hunt style.  One egg leads you to the next egg.  OR   2 – Check off list style.  Give them a print out of the list of clues that they can find in any order.  Either way should work fine.

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How to Make Cascarones Easter Egg Surprise Countdown by The Paper Mama


Cascarones, or “shell hits”, are said to bring luck and fortune to the person whose head you break the egg over. Typically Cascarones are filled with confetti, but I decided to add a couple of treats and turn these eggs into a countdown to Easter: the Easter Egg Surprise Countdown. While we won’t be breaking these eggs over our head, I did want to make these creations exciting for my 4-year-old. Here’s how I made them…

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How to Make Helium Balloon Eggs by Celebrations at Home

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt. We have them in our neighbourhoods, our back yards, at churches and preschools, even city parks. It’s a fun tradition that children love….except for the toddlers.

Lets face facts. We want to include the little ones but they really don’t know what to do, or why they’re doing it. Mum and dad try to coach them and nudge them in the right direction but it’s mostly futile. Well, now I’ve got the BEST solution for you instead!

The secret is helium-filled balloons! 

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How to Make Carrot Footprints by One Kreiger Chick



Enjoy the cuteness in your Spring decor!

Now…How about turning a footprint into a carrot? 

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How to Make Colour Coded Easter Eggs by Sew Many Ways 

Each year we have a big Easter egg hunt at our house. All the kids from both sides of the family. My dad treats all the kids by giving me money to put in all the eggs. We also put lots of candy in there too!!

To make the egg hunt fair for everyone, I have always color coded each child. Each person picks what colour they want and that's the colour they have to hunt for. To help them remember what colour they have, I've given them baskets or bags that match their colour.

This year I made them buckets...recycling style.

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How to Make Picture Clues for Egg Hunt by Art, Adventures, and a Kindergartener

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How to Make Bright Easter Bunting

If you’re looking for an afternoon of crafting fun to settle down to with the kids one wet and cold windy afternoon, we might just have the project for you.

The Easter bunting is made using fillable eggs, which means after you’ve made the bunting and left it to dry the eggs can be filled with sweet treats, or even small toys, or how about devising your own cryptic clues to a mystery location for an Easter treasure hunt!

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How to Make Crack me Message Easter Eggs by Tangled and True

I saw these spotted eggs on Poppytalk and thought they would be the perfect invite for Lily's egg hunt birthday party. I am super happy with how well they turned out. I spray painted mine and let them dry, then dotted with acrylic paint.Make 

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How to Make Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Making glow in the dark Easter eggs is such a fun twist on an average Easter egg hunt. Today I’m going to show you two different ways for how to make glow in the dark Easter eggs. Put them out in the dark for kids on Easter for a nighttime egg hunt! You’ll love how easy this is to do and how you can reuse your supplies next year.

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How to Make Easter Scavenger Hunt Stationery by A Spoonful of Sugar

We have an Egg Hunt every Easter. Now the kids are teens, they still like to participate but we make it more challenging with cryptic clues to guide them in their search. To make it more fun this year, we have made some Mini Envelopes, decorated with Bunny silhouettes, to hold the clues. 

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How to Make Bunny Rabbit Flour Paw Prints by The Larson Lingo

Late Saturday night when the girls were in bed, I put out some Bunny Tracks with flour.

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How to Make an Easter Egg Fitness Treasure Hunt

As promised, here is an active Easter activity you can plan for your kids!  This will get them moving and have fun at the same time. Simple as this:

Write clues on pieces of paper.

Place clues inside plastic eggs.

Place eggs in their specific location to be found by excited children.

Children must do the exercise and then move onto the next location.

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How to Make Watercolour Easter Egg Hunt Invitation by Grey Luster Girl

My sister asked me to help out with an Easter egg hunt she was doing and said that she needed invitations.  I looked around for inspiration and found these cool Easter hunt invites from Minted.  Immediately I thought of my good friend, the watercolor palette and wanted to make my own watercolor Easter egg hunt invitations.  I designed my invitations with black type and the egg portion of the invite was printed with very light grey ink.  It was so light in fact that I had to turn the invite at an angle and bump up the contrast so that you could see it.   I used my daughters watercolors to follow the outline.

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How to DIY Felt Easter Baskets by Inner Child Giving

These felt baskets are quick and easy to make and add a bit of Spring time fun to your egg gathering.

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How to Make a DIY Egg Hunt Cake by DIY Studio


One of my favorite cake topper DIYs I’ve done is the clover patch for St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to try that concept out on Easter… with an egg hunt! Oh yes, a little mini egg hunt, right on top of a perfect Easter cake! Easy peasy, and all you really need is some cardstock and toothpicks! Even the Easter bunny would have time for this one!

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How to Make DIY Easter Flag by Crafts Unleashed 

Easter is quickly approaching and I’m ready to bust out the spring decor now that the weather is warming up. This year I’m sprucing up my front porch and walkway with some handmade decor like this lovely burlap Easter flag!

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How to Make Your Own Easter Goodie Bags by Lia Griffith

Isn’t Springtime the best? Our studio is filled to bursting with various prototypes for paper tulips, partly decorated Easter eggs, and a whole host of baby farm animals in various forms from candy huggers in yesterday’s post, to these adorable Easter goodie bags. The little bunny rabbit, duckling, chick and lamb are all easily printed and cut by downloading the PDF file at the end of this post and assembling with scissors and glue. Once cut, the bags are simple to construct then you just need to glue the faces and wings on to the sides using your hot glue gun. Fill with treats for the little ones and your Easter goodie bags are ready to go!

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How to Make Handheld Easter Egg Piñatas by A Joyful Riot 

I’m so excited about these cute little piñatas! Every person can have their own and they even break open in your hands to reveal the treats inside!

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How to Make Pinwheels from Felt

These felt pin wheels would look great out in the garden on a lovely spring day, or even on the morning of your egg hunt or Easter picnic. The pinwheel can be made in all different sizes, you just need to remember to keep the dimensions of each side of your template the same to make a square shape, and when making the inner piece for the pinwheel make sure to draw out the template one centimetre smaller on each side.

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How To Make No-Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket by The House that Lars Built

Are you ready for the easiest, no-sew fabric Easter basket? I’m actually quite thrilled with how this one turned out and how sturdy it is. Now, if only I had little kiddies to put them to use…for now they will go in storage.

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How to Make a Message in an Egg by Seton Rossini for Pixel Whisk

Forget the hard-boiled egg and create these stink-free message eggs instead. The best part is that you can customize your message for each egg. Maybe now the Easter egg hunt becomes a scavenger hunt!  Grab a push pin, a bowl and a few large eggs. Oh, and get your lungs ready, too.

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How to Make Crochet Bunny Storage Basket by San for Loopsan


For everyone who hasn’t decided on their Easter decoration yet, don’t worry I’ve got something practical for you, which you can use not only during Easter time. This basket was my March contribution to Craftaholics Anonymous so if you saw that post you’ll recognise it. I’m sharing the pattern here again, this time with the “translation” to UK terms just in case you prefer to use them over US crochet terms (and for everyone else to missed out on the post the last time) :)

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How to Make Bunny Crossing by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

I found yet another use for my old fence pickets stash, a whimsical sign perfect for Spring. (See how much we love you, Spring? We made a sign for you and everything.) It’s also sweet for Easter, but I can keep it in my garden all season!

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How to Deocrate a Mache Egg

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt or two around the garden (weather permitting of course!), and this mache egg makes the perfect hiding place, or even a place to deposit all of the found eggs. We’ve decorated our egg using acrylic paint, and then decorated the egg cup with pastel polka dots for a pastel perfect on trend egg, that could also be used as a table centrepiece after the eggs have all been found. However, you could also use decorative papers or even cover the whole thing in glitter!

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How to Make Pastel Slime Eggs

Roll up your sleeves and make these super fun pastel, slime-filled eggs for an alternative take on the classic Easter egg. It's so easy to make your own slime, with only a few special ingredients and a bit of elbow grease! We've popped dinosaurs in ours - what else could you fill the eggs with?

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