4 Easter Face Painting Ideas with Snazaroo
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4 Easter Face Painting Ideas with Snazaroo

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Easter is on the horizon, and what better way to celebrate than with some super fun face painting ideas!? Keep your kids entertained during the holiday period with these easy to follow face painting guides by Snazaroo.  Face painting is great fun, and really helps ignite a child's imagination, where they enter their own world of make believe. It 's also a very positive bonding experience between parent and child with no distractions during the creative process and then when you have finished, you get to see their faces light up with the result of all your efforts.   

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How to Paint an Easter Egg Design:

1. Choose six different colours and paint eggs of different sizes on the face, like in the picture.

2. Now, with different colours, draw patterns on the eggs. How about some zigzags, dots and stripes?

3. Paint some triangles around the eggs, just like we’ve done – Happy Easter!

How to Paint an Easter Chick:

1. Paint a yellow mask with a raggedy, untidy edge along the top edge – these are for feathers. Then paint an orange triangle with slightly curved edges on the nose.

2. Use a thin brush to paint black lines on the mask, like in the picture. Then paint two nostrils on the beak and outline the bottom edge of the triangle.

3. Draw some white highlights on the feathers and in the centre of the beak.

How to Paint an Easter Bunny:

1. Paint two white, bushy eyebrows on the forehead. Now paint two white whisker pads on the cheeks. Try using a fine brush with white paint to add small strokes – it’ll give more texture.

2. Paint a white horizontal rectangle under on the chin, leading down from the bottom lip. Then with the pink paint, colour the end of the nose.

3. Using a thin brush with black paint, add little strokes around the white eyebrows to give them texture. Now draw around the white rectangle on the chin to make two teeth. Add three dots and three fine lines on either side of the cheeks to make whiskers. Finally, dust the cheeks with silver glitter.

How to Paint an Easter Butterfly:

1. Draw pink semi-circle shapes around the eyes, with a little bump at the top of each one. Then paint two curved triangle shapes below the eyes with sky blue, just like in the picture. Sponge some subtle white highlights onto the pink wings. Then using a thin brush, draw two pink lines curling down each blue wing.

2. Paint the body on the top of the nose, like in the picture. Add some white dots that begin at the body and follow the top edge of the pink wings, finishing at the bumps make in step 1. Add thee little dots at either side of the top of the pink wings. Add another three dots below the right eye on the lilac wing and two more sets at the very bottom of each lilac wing. Finally, add a star on the forehead and two beside the left eye.

3. Finish the butterfly mask by painting a black tail on the body and two black antennae at the top.

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