5 Boredom - busting Kids' Crafts
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5 Boredom - busting Kids' Crafts

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

Have a crafternoon with the kids inspired by the following five boredom-busting kids’ crafts using items found within your craft stash! The Giant Box of Craft is a great investment for your stash, with hundreds of components ready to create a new mini-masterpiece. 

Take a look at the five crafts below by crafty mum Georgia Coote as a starting point, and see what else your kids can create!

You will need

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How to make

Colourful Bead Necklace

1. I like to cover the beads in a base colour before getting onto the detail.

2. Add the detail to the beads, spots, stripes whatever you fancy!

3. Measure how long you’d like the necklace to hang using the cord and cut to size, then tie a knot where you’d like the first bead to start.

4. Thread on the beads then tie a knot where you’d like the beads to finish.

5. Tie the beads onto the neck – this works well being a loose long line necklace for young children so it can be worn over the head.

To give the spoons a sheen and to protect the colour from fading paint a layer of varnish on top!

Decorative Wooden Spoons

1. Draw your design onto the spoon using a pencil.

2. Colour the design using the Posca pens.

Add glitter, sequins or any of the other components from the craft box to embellish the flowers – pop a kebab stick on the back to make a stem so they can stand up and be displayed.

Paper Plate Flowers

1. Cut some rough petal shapes from the foam – freehand makes them fun and older children could easily do this, however, if you wanted to you could make a cardboard template to draw around and cut so that all the petals are uniform. Set these aside.

2. With the glue draw a rough large circle in the centre and fill it.

3. Stick whichever components you wish in the centre, here I’ve used coloured sticks and pom pom.

4. Use a cotton bud to dip into the paint and print polka dots around the inner circle of the plate.

5. Glue the petals around the edge of the plate, layer with another colour to add some texture.

Simple Spoon People

1. Mould some Play Doh into a ball and push the handle of the spoon into it so that it stands.

2. Break the lolly stick into two pieces and push into the Play Doh to make ‘feet’.

3. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the handle to create the arms, then twist the ends to make hands.

4. Take a small blob of Play Doh and place it in the centre of the fabric flower, then squash the space head on top – for a more permanent character you could use PVA glue to adhere it, however, this will take some time to dry.

5. Glue on the googly eyes and draw on the smile, you can now embellish the character to your heart's content!


Summer Paper Bunting

1. Fold the doily in half.

2. Open the doily and then apply glue to one half.

3. Leave 10cm for hanging and then lay the twine along the fold.

4. Fold the doily back sandwiching the twine in between and repeat with the remaining doilies.

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