5 Fun Back to School Crafts
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5 Fun Back to School Crafts

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

It’s time to start afresh in the next year up, and what better way to celebrate than by adding some cool personalised crafts to your back to school supplies? Here are 5 fun ideas to get you started, using a mixture of Fimo clay, washi tapes, tassels, and paint!


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How to make

Tassel Keyring

1. Take a chunk of Fimo and roll into a ball, or whatever shape bead you would like to have.

2. Use a knitting needle to poke a hole through the centre, give it a little wiggle to soften the edges.

3. Bake the Fimo in the oven according to the instructions in the packet. Leave to cool.

4. Using a sharpie decorate the beads in whichever way that you wish, try spots, dashes and waves!

5. Make the tassel – wrap some yarn around a small piece of card (a store card works perfectly for this.) I wrapped the yarn around the card 30 times here, the more you wrap the bulkier the tassel.

6. Slide a piece of yarn (this needs to be quite long as you will be threading this through the beads) under the wrapped bundle and then tie in a knot. Take the looped yarn off of the card.

7. Holding the yarn straight, cut it in half.

8. Wrap a piece of yarn about a quarter of the way down on the tassel and then tie in place. Trim the ends so that they are all even.

9. Thread the top pieces of yarn through the darning needle and then thread on the beads.

10. Thread through the keyring and then back down again through the beads.

11. Take off the darning needle and then tie around the tassel and trim the ends.


1. Cut a 5 x 15cm rectangle of card, and then take strips of washi tape and stick them onto the card leaving a little overhang off of the edges.

2. Turn over the bookmark and trim the overhanging pieces of washi tape.

3. Using the small hole punch, place it into the centre of one end of the bookmark and press.

4. To make the tassel – using a small card (the Hobbycraft Club card is perfect for this!) wrap yarn around the longest side – I wrapped it around 20 times here, the more you wrap the bulkier the tassel will be.

5. Cut a piece of yarn and slide under and tie it in a knot, now carefully remove it from the card.

6. Holding the top of your yarn bundle cut the looped ends neatly in half.

7. Wrap a length of yarn around the top of the yarn bundle – I have wrapped it 3 times, but you can wrap as many times as you think looks right. Tie a knot to secure it. Trim the ends of the tassel so that they are neat.

8. Thread the top hanging two pieces of yarn through the hole at the bottom of the bookmark through the back.

9. Wrap the threads around the top of the tassel and then tie in place. Trim the ends and grab your favourite book!

Give the bag a little iron beforehand to ensure that there are no creases which might offset your design.

Printed Drawstring Bag

1. Get a scrap piece of cardboard and place it inside the bag to prevent the paint from leaking through.

2. Squeeze out some of the paints into a palette and then dip in the sponge tool and press onto the bag – you can experiment on a piece of scrap paper first to get the consistency right, however, I love the slight imperfections in printing! Repeat with the second colour to get a lovely large polka dot effect.

Decorated Pencil Case

1. Cut strips of washi tape to the size of the pencil case and stick down.

2. Take the permanent pen and doodle some patterns on top – you could try zig zags, spots, stripes and whatever else you fancy!

Pom Pom Reward Jar

1. Cut strips of washi tape and decorate however you fancy, a simple check pattern where you criss cross pieces of tape is really quick and effective.

2. I used a Dymo maker to label the jar, but you could use anyway in which to do so. Stamped letters on paper and stuck on would look just as nice.

3. Stick the label onto the jar and you’re set to go!

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