6 Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Tutorials
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6 Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Tutorials

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Read the following guides to achieve amazing face paint looks for the haunting holiday of Halloween! These guides will show you how to achieve each look by using various products from Snazaroo.  


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How to Paint a Zombie Cat

1. Start the cat by using your black Brush Pen to draw a spiky fur outline on the forehead, plus whiskers, brows, nose and fangs and a few shadows under the eyes.

2. Next twist up your white Brush Pen and fill in the areas across the cheeks and nose (avoiding the eyes), the fangs and tufts above the brows.

3. Then you need to blend black and white Brush Pen paints together to make a dark grey colour for the brows and jawline. Blend on the back of your hand, or on a palette/plate – you can try doing it directly onto the face, but this can be a little more tricky. Paint the grey inside the black lines and then add scars and blood dripping from fangs with an orange Brush Pen. Hisssssss.

How to Paint a Mummy Face

1. Start the Mummy by drawing thick goggle frames around the eyes with your black Brush Pen, carefully avoiding the sensitive eye area.

2. Next, create your bandage lines with the same black Brush Pen. Draw lines across the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and leave to dry.

3. Finally, you just need to take a white Brush Pen, twist it up and get to work filling in the bandages. It’s super easy and very effective – just be careful to avoid the Mummy’s curse!

How to Paint a Rainbow Pumpkin Face

1. Start your spooky look by draw a pumpkin shape in black Brush Pen, complete with a curved outline, triangle eyes, a triangle nose and zigzag mouth.

2. Next you need to completely fill in the outline with an orange Brush Pen. Once this is done you can add some black curved lines on the forehead and cheeks to give the pumpkin its classic 3D shape.

3. Finally, it’s time to make a rainbow on the chin, as if it’s pouring out of the mouth. To do this, take Brush Pens in black, orange and white and paint vertical stripes, starting with black, then orange, then white and repeat. Finish the look by adding little white dots in clusters of three across the surface of the pumpkin. Super spooky!

How to Paint a Devil Face

1. With a sponge and some bright red paint, entirely cover the face.

2. Using a brush and black paint, fill in some thick circles around the eyes. Taper them up at the eyebrows and feather two points underneath. Add some more feathered points at the side of each eye. Now take a sponge and gently dab some black paint around the edge of the face to contour the cheeks. Finally use some white and a brush to draw two horns on the forehead.

3. Use a brush and black paint to add wrinkles to the face and outline the horns.

How to Paint a Vampire Face

1. Use a large sponge to cover the face in white paint, leaving circles around the eyes.

2. Dab some red paint into the circles around the eyes. When this is dry, use black paint to colour over the top but leave a bit of red visible along the bottom edge. Now take a thin brush to paint black, spindly veins around the eyes, like in the picture.

3. Use a thin brush to paint two fangs hanging down from the bottom lip. Then colour in the tips with some red paint and draw a streak of blood from the corner of the mouth to the bottom of the chin.

How to Paint a Witch Face

1. Take a small amount of Special FX Wax and mould it into a ball. Press the ball onto the left cheek to create a wart. Next take a larger amount of wax and mould around the nose in an ugly shape.

2. Using a large sponge, cover the face in grass green. Then take a brush and paint thick eyebrows in black paint.

3. Finally, mix some grass green with a tiny amount of black. Then use the corner of a sponge to blend wrinkle lines onto the forehead, and around the eyes, chin and cheeks.

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