8 Quick Easter Crafts for Kids
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8 Quick Easter Crafts for Kids

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Little ones rarely have the patience to focus on long craft projects – sometimes you just need a five minute craft to keep them happy when they’re bored at home. So we thought we would share a fab collection of 8 really quick Easter crafts to keep them happy until Easter Sunday!

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How to make

Magnetic Easter Puzzle

1. Paint an Easter scene onto the card – make sure the picture is nice and full with lots of imagery – empty space makes a tricky puzzle! Leave to dry.

2. Peel off the backing from a magnetic sheet and stick it onto the back of the puzzle. Use scissors to trim off any excess magnet from around the edges.

3. Use a pencil to draw puzzle pieces across the whole picture then carefully cut it out with scissors.

4. Rub out any pencils marks. Now you can pop your puzzle pieces onto the fridge and have fun putting them back together.

Carrot Egg Hunt Bag 

1. Place a dinner plate over half a piece of A4 card – it should fill the paper. Draw around it and cut out.

2. Roll into a cone shape and stick together using double sided tape.

3. To make the handle cut a strip (about3cm wide) from the long edge of the green card. Tape each end inside the top of the carrot.

4. Cut about thinner strips of green card and wrap them around a pencil to curl them. Tape onto the top of the handle, then pop a pom pom on top.

5. Stick bunny stickers on each side of the basket. Stuff with green shredded paper and get egg hunting!

Bunny Ears Floral Crown 

1. To make the base of the crown, twist together 2 or 3 white pipe cleaners into a circle and check that it fits onto your head. Twist any ends in so there are no sharp bits sticking out.

2. To make the ears, bend a white pipe cleaner in half and open out to the shape of a bunny ear. Twist onto the crown. Repeat with another pipe cleaner for the other ear, making sure they’re the same height.

3. Make some smaller pink pipe cleaner ears to go inside the white ones and fix onto the crown.

4. Twist pink pipe cleaners around the base of the crown.

5. Glue a mixture of flowers all the way around the crown.


Chick and Bunny Pegs 

1. Begin by glueing a pair of yellow pom poms together to make the chick, then repeat for the white pom poms for the bunny. If you don’t want to wait for the glue to dry you could use double sided tape instead.

2. Cut a tiny orange felt beak and glue to the chick. Cut some white ears and glue to the Add a dot of black pen for each eye.

3. Glue the chick and bunny onto the top of each peg

4. Cut the top off the eggs, with a jagged edge to make them look like they’ve cracked.

5. Add glue to the bottom section of the peg and glue the eggs on so that they hide the animals. Make sure the peg is still able to open.

6. If you like you can add the top of the shell to the chick’s head for added cuteness. Now when you pinch the pegs the little animals peek out to say hello!

Bunny and Chick Straw Puppets 

1. For the chick, Draw an egg shape onto yellow felt (about 8cm high) and cut two of these out. Cut a small triangular nose from orange felt and a white felt tummy.

2. For the bunny, cut two egg shapes as before from pink felt. Cut two pink ears and two white inner ears and a white felt tummy.

3. Arrange the beak, tummy and ears onto the front pieces for the chick and bunny and glue in place.

4. Cut an 8cm piece of yellow pipe cleaner, bend it in the middle and glue under the bottom of the chick. Repeat for the bunny with the pink pipe cleaner

5. Glue the straw to the bottom of the back piece of felt then glue and sandwich the front and back pieces together. You can hold them in place with a couple of pegs whilst they dry if you need.


Paper Plate Nest 

1. For the nest, paint the front and back of the paper plate brown and leave to dry. Once dry, cut in half with a wavy line.

2. Draw two eggs to fit in your nest on the patterned card. Cut them out and cut one if half so it looks like it’s been cracked.

3. Draw a chick shape onto yellow card and cut it out. Glue on a pair of googly eyes and a small orange beak cut from card.

4. Decorate the eggs by glueing on mini pom poms and adding Easter ribbon.

5. Glue the two paper plates together around the rim to form the nest. Pop the eggs and chick inside and glue in place. You can leave the chick loose if you want to be able to take it out.


Potato Print Cards

1. Ask an adult to cut a potato in half. Use a pencil to draw a bunny and an egg shape onto the potato.

2. Ask an adult to gently cut along the pencil lines and then slice away the potato around them to create a stamp.

3. Cut a square of coloured card that is a little smaller than the blank card. Glue into the centre of the card.

4. You can now either dip the potato into some paint or use a paintbrush to add paint to your stamp. Print onto the card. Try to keep the stamp still when it’s on the card and gently remove it. Fill in any gaps in the print with a paintbrush.

5. If you like you can add decorative dots by dipping the back of a paintbrush or rubber on a pencil into the paint and using it to stamp on the card.

6. Once the paint has dried you can also add detail using coloured pens.


Wooden Flower String Decorations 

1. Begin by painting the front, back and sides of the flowers with paint. Leave to dry.

2. Tie a piece of string onto the back of the decoration and wrap it through the centre and around the flower. You can keep to one colour or add as many as you like.

3. Once you’ve filled up your flower either tie or glue down the end of the string onto the back of the decoration.

4. Cut a piece of string for a hanging loop, fold in half and glue onto the back of the decoration.

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