How to do Medusa Face Paint
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How to do Medusa Face Paint

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
Picked up one of our snakey medusa headbands in store? Make your look extra special with a bit of medusa face paint - follow this easy step by step tutorial to see how you can recreate this look with a few shades of face paint and a stencil! By BodyPaintingByCat.com

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How to make


Dampen your sponge (I spray mine with water), and work up yellow face paint until it is creamy (not sticky but not runny). Pat yellow paint evenly all over the face with the sponge, re-loading or re-dampening sponge as needed. Make paint as neat around the eyes as you can.


Using a damp sponge, work up the light green paint. Contour under cheekbones by gently tapping / blending green in. Use your yellow sponge again to help if needed. Then darken temples and outer eyes socket, all the shadow areas.


We are going to stencil the forehead, temples, upper cheeks and nose. Open your dark and light green (or green and gold) cosmetic glitters. Using a damp sponge, work up the dark green paint, slightly drier than the last 2 colours were. Press the snakeskin stencil against the skin and press the dark green sponge over it, trying not to move the stencil or go back where you have already tapped paint onto it. Without moving the stencil, pick up glitter on a clean sponge and press onto the damp paint through the stencil. I did darker glitter on the top of the scales and paler glitter lower down the stencil to add more shading. Remove the stencil and get ready to repeat this all on the next stencil area – you may need to wipe it off on a damp facecloth. Make sure it is clean and dry before re-using.


Using black, sponge more dramatic shading into the eye sockets, temple and cheekbones. With a clean, wet size 6 round brush, add wiggly black lines as snake tails, eyeliner and black lips.


We patted more cosmetic glitter onto the lips for our photos; if you want it to last use a glittery lipstick or lipgloss, or the Glitter Lips products from beauty chemists.

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