How to Make a Bat Costume
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How to Make a Bat Costume

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Get your little ones ready for Halloween by creating this quick and easy kids’ bat costume. With a few basic crafting supplies and a little face paint (for the fangs and nose), you’ll be able to transform your little one into the cutest bat there ever was!

You can easily remove the bat wings from the top once your little one is finished impressing all their friends with their spooky bat costume.

Project and instructions by Little Button Diaries.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

*Plastic head band

*Black leggings and top

Step 1

Start by laying out your fabric - we've gone for this velvety black stretch because it won't fray, and it has a nice texture to it. Place your black top on the fabric. Cut the fabric to size - it should be the arm span by the length of the top.

Step 2

Mark in pencil a scalloped edge on the back of the fabric, from the wrist corner down to the central fold. Cut this out.

Step 3

Pin the wings in place along the back of the neck and arms of the top, with the velvet side facing the top. Lightly tack the wings in place. This way you will be able to easily remove the wings later. 

Step 4

For the ears, add glue to half a piece of black card. Place a piece of black felt on top. There should be about an inch of felt without glue on it. Turn the card and repeat for the back, in the same place. Leave to dry. 

Step 5

With the unglued section at the bottom, pencil a bat ear shape onto the felt. Cut this out and use it as a template to make another. Trim away the card under the felt tabs.

Step 6

Arrange the ear on the head band with the tabs on either side. Trim the back tab and glue under the head band. Wrap the front tab over the top and glue at the back. Repeat for the other ear.

Step 7

Now you have a bat costume ready to show off!

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