How to Make a City Scape Easter Bonnet
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How to Make a City Scape Easter Bonnet

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
Make an imaginary trip to the city this Easter and create this bonnet for your parade. It is easy to transform foam sheets into fun 3D buses and Black cabs, just use the template and start the fun. With big felt pom poms create big chicks to drive your bus, the small yellow chicks are the perfect fit for the black cabs. Don €™t forget the street icons to make your Easter bonnet stand from the crowd.

You will need

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How to make


Paint the brim of yellow hat in grey to imitate the road, add some white paint to the same grey paint and apply to the top to create the cloudy sky.   


Print the template onto cardstock and cut out the lines to make a sturdy template.


Use pencil to trace the elements onto foam sheets and cardstock, cut around with scissors and with a help of a scalpel to remove the shapes inside.


To stick the bus and the car together use red tape, after the vehicles are formed use hot glue to reinforce the four sides on the inside.


Use tacky glue to assemble the foam pieces. Use black and white Posca to add details to the foam elements.


Cut a small guard hat from black felt to fit the small chick.


To make the big chick use a yellow felt pompom and chenille stems for the feet. Cut the wings, eyes and beak from foam to add detail.


After all the elements are ready fix firmly onto the hat with hot glue gun.

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